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Kent Mullet Fishing; The River Medway 1998/9

Article by Rob Ness 98 Season Following a five-year "experiment"of fishing the river Medway for carp, and having achieved a progression of ambitions from initially catching a river carp, to eventually catching fish to over 25lbs, I began to look for a fresh fishing challenge within the Kent area. Having previously lived in Christchurch and

The Mangler From Cox Lures It's no secret that I like spinning for pike and, if I'm lucky, perch. When The Mangler from Cox Lures arrived from the States, therefore, I was forced to visit the river to give it a go. Yippee! First things first, though, time to crush those barbs. I prefer barbless treble hooks myself, both

Halfords Cool Box

I've got a new travelling companion, one that accompanies me on those trips away from the creature comforts of my home. She blows a bit hot and cold, but that's actually a plus point in this instance. I am, of course, referring to the electric cool box currently sold by Halfords. If, like me, your

No Fish In There, Mate!

Imagine the scene, an angler's dream, a perfectly secluded large overgrown mass of water, big trees all around, a warm still summers morning, where the water reflects the surroundings and it appears like a skating rink. This is the sort of place where it doesn't matter if you had a rod in your hand or

The MP60 Mobile Phone Case From Aquapac

Love 'em, or loathe 'em, mobile phones are deeply embedded in modern society and are now considered an everyday item, rather than a luxury. I'm as guilty as the next man when it comes to owning a mobile phone. I lead a fairly mobile life and I like to be able to speak to people