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FREE – Watch The Nash 2016 Carp Fishing DVD Here!

Welcome to the carp fishing extravaganza that is Nash 2016. With more action, more venues, more countries, more tips, and most importantly more beautiful carp than ever before, it’s simply our best yet. Presented as a series of short films, discover new bedchairs, the slick Scope Black-Ops range, great value Dwarf and H-Gun, high performance

New Product – Super CSL

This just in from Bait-Tech: Super CSL £7.99 Bait-Tech’s Super CSL is back! Flavour-packed, vitamin-rich liquid that can be used in a multitude of ways. Its uses really are endless as it’s ideal for mixing groundbaits and method mixes, soaking particles or pellets, glugging and flavouring pellets, as a boilie dip, making a sloppy flavour-packed

New Product – Nutty Oil

This just in from Bait-Tech: Nutty Oil £6.99 This oil contains Tiger Nut & Peanut Oil and smells delicious. Natural and packed with nutrients this is a nutty delight stuffed with healthy Omega 6 to attract fish and enrich your baits. New to the range for 2016. This is attraction and feed stimulation bottled. o

New Product – Bloodworm Liquid

This just in from Bait-Tech: Bloodworm Liquid £8.99 This is a rich, thick liquid made using real bloodworm. Bloodworm are the single most natural, nutritional and attractive food source for all fish and this liquid is packed with goodness. We have harnessed the bloodworm and developed this rich liquid as a high grade, nutritionally balanced

New Product – Bait-Tech Spod Mix

This just in from Bait-Tech: Spod Mix £8.99 The unique Bait-Tech Particle Pouch is THE only way to use particle. One of the all time greatest baits for attracting and holding fish in a swim. Bait-Tech Super Seed is not only the largest grain, but is also the highest grade available. Bait-Tech Super Seed –