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New Product – Poloni Wafters

This just in from Bait-Tech: Poloni Wafters £4.99 These Poloni wafters have been designed to counterbalance the weight of your rig enabling the bait to float slowly to the bottom, settling over soft silt of low lying weed, acting naturally like the freebies fed. Available in 14mm & 18mm

New Product – Poloni Washed Out Pop-ups

This just in from Bait Tech: Poloni Washed Out Pop-ups £4.99 These Washed-Out Poloni Pop-ups oooooze attraction for hours and hours and stay buoyant for more than 72 hours. Colours are white, pink and yellow. Available in 14mm & 18mm

New Product – Poloni Dumbells

This just in from Bait-Tech: Poloni Dumbells £4.99 Poloni Dumbell Hardened hook baits offer an alternatively shaped hook bait. These have been made from a hardened mix which allows them to be left in water for longer periods of time. Still containing those unique blend of the 8 herbs and spices which continue to leak

New Product – Poloni Method Mix

This just in from Bait-Tech: Poloni Method Mix 2kg £5.99 This easy-to-prepare Method Mix is perfect for any situation and is full of pungent fish catching spices. Designed around our Poloni Boilie, this mix contains our secret blend of 8 Herbs and Spices. These pungent natural aromas draw fish into your swim and keep them

New Product – Sticky Method Pellets

This just in from Bait-Tech: Sticky Method Pellets £3.75 Hugely appealing to all species of fish these pellets take on a naturally sticky property when soaked and softened. No need for additional binders as the natural binding qualities stick the pellets with just a small amount of soaking. Attraction guaranteed. Big Carp Sticky Method Pellets