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Angel of the North Fishing Lakes Match and Catch Report to June 3rd 07

In the last eight days water temperatures have plummeted down 6 deg over 3 days with hailstones, heavy rain and high winds, The temperature Levelled off,   then rose  as sharply to 17.6 deg rising still.  However fish have continued to feed as different species are  both pre and post spawning, Carp took the drop in

Angel Of The North Fishing Lakes – News

Angel Of The North Fishing LakesCatch and match report to 29th April 2007  Great start on Sunday to our 2nd birthday Celebrations with a full house match on Lookout Lake, with Andy Simpson getting 98lb 09oz a great weight for 5 hours fishing, with a ENE 5mph  wind straight into his face, and water temperatures

Angel Of the North Fishing Lakes Open and Match Catch Rates to 22nd April 07

Swifts  have started to return to Angel this week very early!, great to see them back and excellent to watch and observe their feeding over the water, good for anglers to observe birds feeding as this also show that fish also will be feeding. Ducks and moorhens have excellent small family's of youngsters on the