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Hand Made Tackle: A Fine Art With Huge Rewards

Why would anyone go through the trouble of making his or her own tackle? Is it because the overall cost is drastically lower? Or maybe because you have the option of changing subtle details that can make the fish go wild? Regardless of why you choose to handcraft your tackle, the benefits of this fine

Basic Guidelines for Obtaining and Retaining Sponsorship Agreements

What most tournament anglers already know and future tournament anglers will quickly learn is sponsors are what can help make an angler a champion. Don't get me wrong, having a sponsor is not going to make you an instantly better angler. They will however make it possible for you to compete in the extremely expensive

How to Drop Shot for Bedding Bass

Your heart is beating so forcefully you can feel it in your throat. The adrenaline is pumping so hard that it gives you a tingling sensation through your entire body. Sweat is starting to trickle down your face. Now it's time to get down to business. Site fishing during the spawn can make your emotions

To defeat the enemy, one must first know the enemy

Going fishless is not something you should just take as a fact of life. There is almost always a way to make bass cooperate with you. The trick is figuring out what it's going to take and then doing it. Every angler has experienced aggravation as a result of a poor day fishing. Before you

PowerPro Fishing Line

    PowerPro Fishing Line     by Jeremiah T. Bagwell           Every angler knows that one of the most vital aspects of fishing is your fishing line. Still several anglers ignore this fact and do not take the necessary steps to ensure that they will land that catch of a