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The Joys Of Light Tackle

By: Rob Scott • Tourette Fishing My earliest and what will always remain some of my fondest memories were exploring the gullies of the Pondoland coast. I would set out with an arsenal of 2 dogs, minimal tackle and my trusty bass rod. My quarry was always the same, the “ignobilis of my childhood”, the

Couta Code

Techniques to consider when targeting couta off fishing skis Sun Rise off Inhaca Island Its 5 am, just aft backline, you have your first batch of ‘livies' in the live well securely tied to the ski.  The African sun is beginning to creep over the horizon. The live bait on the end of our line

Southern Africa – Species Spectacular

Variety is often referred to as the spice of life. If the same holds true for angling, which I am of the firm belief it does, southern Africa has definitely been blessed with a fare sprinkling of Robertson's!  There are many, world class, informative books on the market dealing, in depth, with all aspects of

Simply Tigers….and listening to the rising sun

I was recently watching an outdoor television show that got me thinking. The host was presenting his views on the five outdoor sounds he rates amongst his finest.  Being an American program, it focused on their indigenous animals.  It went something like this, in descending order - the clashing antlers of dear during the rut,

A Cracking Day Out in the Transkei

Fly Fishing ‘out the box' We are all guilty of it; it's in every angler's nature. Why risk wasting a potentially fruitful days angling by ‘fishing out the box' when we are confident with our own tried and tested methods.  “Ludicrous, waste of time and tackle, even if you get a strike you will be