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Carolina Rig

Using Soft Plastics (jelly shad/worm) #2

Soft Plastic Lures – Swim Baits

Soft plastic lures come in an almost bewildering variety of sizes, shapes, colours and rigging styles but they all have two things in common; part or all of the body is soft and they catch fish.  Various types of soft plastics are in common use in the US and are becoming much more common among

Pack Baits

This is a US baiting method that isn't used in the UK. Some similar techniques but nothing that exactly matches. It is used mainly by short session carpers over here who need an "instant" groundbait but I think it would work well on most of the UK bottom-feeding species. It has the advantages of being

NC Paylake Trip Report

I had a chance yesterday to visit a NC Carp Paylake and watch Gary Shears and son Josh compete. Interesting trip. Interesting lake. Since none of the UK/SA/Euro folks have ever seen a Carp Paylake and many US folks haven't either, thought I'd give a report of yesterday's activities and some detail. Gary estimates there