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16th July – The plan – Always good to have a backup plan!

Posted by Paulg , 30 July 2015 · 360 views
Kennet, dace, minnow, cancer
The original plan was to go and spend the whole day at a new venue, after the large bream that inhabit the lake. However, as happens quite a lot in our family life at the moment, cunning plans sometimes fall at the first hurdle!
So, plan A fails when the hospital ring to say they have a slot for me to come in and be measured up for a dose of radio-...


5th June - The plan – A new month, a new target…not really!

Posted by Paulg , 20 June 2015 · 229 views

One thing I am trying to achieve by including stuff about my cancer is to raise awareness of the disease. Like many of you readers, I too get a bit fed up at times with the amount of advertising on tv and radio about cancer as I believe over-exposure of any topic can lead to indifference. But I also believe that me writing about my experiences is coming i...


22nd May - The plan – Another attempt to get a crucian

Posted by Paulg , 01 June 2015 · 323 views
crucian, tench, cancer and 1 more...
Having failed to catch a crucian carp during my previous visit of just under two weeks ago, I was sure this outing would be more successful. After all, Marsh Farm, Harris Lake, as per the web site, “famous for crucian carp”, and having caught nearly a hundred of them last season, my last outing must surely have just been a blip on my success r...


9th May - The plan – Contemplation and crucians

Posted by Paulg , 18 May 2015 · 406 views
tench, marsh farm, cancer
Signs to me that spring has properly arrived are seeing the first bluebells, the hearing of the first cuckoo, and the first outing after crucians. The bluebells hadn’t let the side down, stunning displays in the woods around Aldworth, Berkshire, well worth a visit, and don’t miss out The Bell in Aldworth itself, my favourite pub of all time!...


The plan – A chub from the Emm Brook - 13th March

Posted by Paulg , 24 March 2015 · 343 views

Whilst the summer months will find me fishing lakes mainly in pursuit of such as tench and crucian carp, the final three months of the river fishing season will see me more often than not on my most favourite of places to fish, small streams. It might be the upper sections and carriers of the Kennet, or some of the small brooks that I have access to, one...


The plan – A chub from the Blackwater - 2nd December

Posted by Paulg , 02 December 2014 · 356 views
blackwater, chub
Only a short afternoon visit, and a bit shorter than planned as I spent far too long waffling with the owner of the local tackle shop where I buy my maggots! That said, he did recommend a swim on the river Blackwater where I might get a chub or two.
He didn’t mention tha...


The plan – Last chance crucians – 21st/22nd August

Posted by Paulg , 05 October 2014 · 248 views
crucian carp, float fishing and 1 more...
As I write, yes, I know this outing was six weeks ago, the weather is changing, heavy rain, cooler temperatures, and it gets dark a lot earlier! This was my last solo night session of the year, and whilst I look forwards to the autumn and winter fishing, I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer obsession with crucian carp and tench this season.
This was...


The plan – A big rudd this time? – 21st July

Posted by Paulg , 18 September 2014 · 207 views

Alas poor Yorick….it was not meant to be, he didn’t catch any big rudd either :lol:
A lovely afternoon to be on the bank side, and this time as well as crucians, I also hoped to catch one of the big rudd which inhabit the lake. As the reader will more than likely know, rudd are very much surface feeders, and one of the best times to cat...


The plan – Yet another attempt at crucians – 15th July

Posted by Paulg , 31 August 2014 · 276 views

If you have read my previous blog entries for this season, you will discern there is just a bit of an obsession developing for crucian carp and tench fishing. With the decent weather conditions, and not much being reported from the Kennet, I was thoroughly enjoying my trips down to Godalming. So, another day dawns, finding me back on the A31 heading in th...


The plan – to help a friend on his first Marsh Farm visit – 08 July 2014

Posted by Paulg , 10 August 2014 · 1,410 views

Long time friend, Simon, had been itching to get a session down at the well-known Marsh Farm fishery, in search of the crucian carp, and after several attempts to link up we were finally able to fit in a visit.
Arriving well before Simon, to ideal weather conditions, warm, calm and overcast, I setup in one of my favourite pegs on the railway bank....