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No real plan today - 1st July

Posted by Paulg , 09 August 2014 · 167 views
johnsons, crucian, tench, sunrise
Another relatively early, for me at least, start, I was driving up the A31 in the Guildford direction just as the sun was rising. And a spectacular one at that, so good that I needed to stop to get a picture. Only one problem….not many places to stop on this stretch of the A31, and the lorry in front of me was being driven very strangely. Indicating...


The plan – Attempts help a mate catch a non-carp – 24th and 27th June

Posted by Paulg , 18 July 2014 · 236 views

My mate, TJ, had previously only caught carp from local venues, plus a few roach, and had asked me to take him somewhere so he could try for some other species.
First of all I needed a venue without carp in it, very difficult these days as most commercial fisheries are stuffed with the things.
So, after doing a bit of homework, ie browsing t...


The plan – To catch a fish, any fish – 10th June

Posted by Paulg , 13 June 2014 · 209 views

I don’t know about you, but the first session on a previously unfished, by me, venue always brings a mix of feelings. There is the sheer excitement of visiting a new water, the anticipation of what you might catch, especially if you have done your homework and know something about the fish stocks. Then there is the fear that you might end up feeling...


The plan is saved by the backup plan! – 3rd June

Posted by Paulg , 08 June 2014 · 248 views

And another visit to Harris Lake on the Marsh Farm complex, with the plan to fish a different peg than previous in an attempt to build on my limited knowledge of the lake.
Weather almost perfect for this fishery, not much wind, settled air pressure, and overcast skies, great I thought as I settled into peg 4 in the low light levels of 6:30am start....


The plan – a red tipped float by some lilies – 20th May

Posted by Paulg , 20 May 2014 · 195 views

First early start for several months, up at 05:00, and fishing by 06:30, back to Marsh Farm, but Harris Lake this time. Things looked encouraging, a couple of patches of bubbles from what I hoped were feeding fish made me stop and set up in peg 12, an area of the lake I’d not fished before.


Another plan, with a very unexpected result - 6th May

Posted by Paulg , 13 May 2014 · 241 views

The plan on Tuesday didn’t start off too well. Rather than setting the alarm clock I left it for our two cats to wake me, as they always do at around 5:30 every morning. Only on Tuesday both of them decided to have a lie-in, so when I got up at 6.15, they were still fast asleep!
Still managed to get to my chosen venue, Richardsons Lake on the...


Same cunning plan, with better execution – 29th April

Posted by Paulg , 01 May 2014 · 253 views

After forgetting to take some essential items last week I thought another attempt at pellet waggler fishing was required. This time I checked the tackle bag thoroughly as I put it into the boot of my car.
And having learnt that trying to get to the lake in the rush hour is not the best move, a much more leisurely start was made and I was settled in...


Cunning plan, not so good execution - 24th April

Posted by Paulg , 26 April 2014 · 181 views
pellet waggler, carp, lake
After failing to write anything for over a year......
I think this may have been the first time I have fished for coarse fish in April as I usually wait until May before venturing onto the bankside. However, recent surgery to treat kidney cancer and the loss of my main work contract meant that I currently have a bit of time available. In addition,...


9th February - River Kennet

Posted by Paulg , 13 February 2013 · 464 views
kennet, chub
As Rusty alluded to in his most recent blog, there would be three reports from the same outing on 9th  Febraury….and following on from Chris, this is the last. The reader may think that being the last to be published means it has taken the longest to write and is therefore likely to be a work of literary genius. However…..it probably isn...


19th January - River Kennet

Posted by Paulg , 20 January 2013 · 352 views

So, while watching Chris haul out chub after chub from his side of the river, I was catching the occasional dace, and not much else. Its amazing how concentrated fish can actually be, as we were fishing a section of the Kennet that is around 15 yards wide. There were trailing branches in the middle of the stream, from an overhanging tree, Chris was one si...