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31st December - Emm Brook

Posted by Paulg , 06 January 2013 · 804 views
Emm brook
The where? I suspect this maybe an internet first, a fishing report from this stream! Emm Brook….it’s a stream, (although now officially classed as a river by the EA) which flows through the Wokingham/Winnersh area in Berkshire, before joining the River Loddon just downstream of the Twyford & District section at Sandford Mill. Th...


30th November - River Blackwater

Posted by Paulg , 01 December 2012 · 2,385 views

My one and only visit to this venue on the Blackwater had been back in March, when I managed to land two out five chub hooked, the other three knew exactly where a sunken branch was lying. The swim is not the most scenic, or sweetest smelling……Sandhurst sewage works….and I was downwind !Today it didn’t appear have anything in it apart from some small...


My first blog entry....testing, testing!

Posted by Paulg , 17 November 2012 · 3,013 views

I created this blog purely so I could help Mr Plumb sort out posting images from Flickr onto his own blog! But hang on.....the majority of the pictures on Chris's blog are taken by me anyway! With copyright etc, I see the potential for a new revenue stream there, couple of quid a picture should do it, but, then again he might start charging me...