Coarse angling just got more exciting! February sees the launch of UK's biggest ever Angling Competition - 10K Tagsâ„¢


Whereas most angling competitions have in truth been only for professionals or at least the serious amateur - 10,000 Tagsâ„¢ is definitely for everyone!


10,000 Tagsâ„¢ is the brainchild of Greg Wimbourne (of Tacklemania Road Shows fame), who has come up with a truly national event open to everyone. Conceived from the same principles behind Tacklemania - a desire to give the maximum advantage to the most people possible - his aim is to spread the fishing fun in the same way.


“Fishing is the UK's largest participator sport, and it deserves a big competition to reflect this fact” says Greg. “For some time I've felt that fishing competitions should be about adding fun to our sport rather than just catering for the top anglers. We wanted to ensure as many people as possible could not only participate, but most importantly, also win prizes”.


The 10,000 Tags™ competition definitely fits the bill. The concept is simple - big numbers - 10,000 tagged fish at 200 fisheries equals 10,000 prizes worth £100,000 -- plus the chance of winning some truly amazing top prizes in the Grand Draw - including a fantastic Land Rover “Freelander” worth £19,500!


Says Greg “friends and families that fish together now have an extra sporting interest - the biggest thing in the lake this year - the 10,000 Tags™ competition. We've enjoyed bringing it together, so we are sure they will enjoy the challenge!”


On April 1st (and believe me this is no joke!) the UK'S BIGGEST COARSE ANGLING COMPETITION (EVER!) will start. And, as I'm sure you have already realised, this is, by far, the largest prize fund ever, in a UK fishing competition.


Registration before March 31st costs only £5 (£10 from the beginning of competition proper) for your chance of a share of the £100,000 pool of prizes, with 10,000 tagged fish at 200 fisheries around the UK. All you have to do is register on or send in your registration form which you can find exclusively promoted in the Angler's Mail - then from 1st April (until the 30th September) - go fishing for those 10,000 tagged fish!


Your skill means that, as well as winning an instant prize (worth anything from £5 up to £1000) with every tagged fish you catch at the participating fisheries, you are also increasing your chances of winning the big prize –a fantastic Landrover Freelander 2.0 TD4.


And, remember, even if you don't land the big one, there are 10,000 instant prizes in the pool. So, just keep on fishing, and winning, until the competition closes.


Every tagged fish you catch guarantees you a prize worth anything from £5 to £1000 and automatically qualifies you for the draw for the top prizes including the Holiday (worth £1100), the Maver K47 Pole (worth £2100), the Fishing Gear “Make-Over” (worth £2,500), and of course, the Land Rover Freelander 2.0 TD4 worth £19,500.


And, it gets even better! There's no limit to the number of tagged fish you are allowed to catch! So, whether you are male or female, junior or senior, pleasure angler or world class! - you can sign up now to win some really amazing prizes - including the Land Rover Freelander 2.0 TD4 worth £19,500


The competition is open to all anglers in the UK. There are 10,000 tagged fish distributed at 200 fisheries across the UK. All you have to do is catch them! Each coded tag has a prize designated to it. Simply catch any one of the 10,000 uniquely numbered tagged fish, to be guaranteed a prize worth at least £5 and up to £1,000 in value. It's as simple as that!


It only costs £10 (£5 before March 31st) to enter the UK's biggest ever angling competition - with a guaranteed £100,000 prize fund. The full list of participating fisheries will be published in Angler's Mail and on the 10,000 Tags™ website ( in the weeks leading up to the competition start on the April 1st 2006. To see the full list of prizes you can visit