Jacob Wise just left Anglers Paradise after enjoying his Free Loyalty Weekend with Friend Steve Smart and turned out to not only be as ‘Wise’ as his surname but also ‘Smarter’ than Steve by catching 2 New Personal Bests!

Jacob caught an Amazing Personal Best 57lb Cat from the Main Carp Lake on good old Maggots and then a PB 28lb Mirror from the Specimen Carp Lake on our own Pink Stink!!  What makes it even more special is that he caught the Monster Cat from ‘Nev’s Point’ and he is the first person to catch a Fish there since we renamed the Point after our good friend and 5C’S Legend Sir Neville Ponting who we sadly lost this year. As you can see in the 1st picture, Jacob is sporting a beautiful Moustache but after catching his Target PB Fish he quickly returned to the Villa to shave it  off, and we don’t blame him for rushing!!

Jacob’s Story –

“We decided to fish the Main Lake, and while we were setting up Dion made an appearance and filled us in on how it had been fishing the last few weeks and where he'd seen signs of fish. Before he left to continue on his rounds, he asked us that if we caught any big fish if we could get the new "Nevs Point" Plaque in the photo, and we agreed.

Well, at about 8 - 9pm that night, I had a slow but steady run on my left rod. I was fishing a big ball of maggots, hoping for a 20+ carp but knew fishing maggot could be a bit of a lottery as to what I caught. As soon as I lifted into the fish I knew it was a good one and despite being December I had a sneaky suspicion that I'd hooked into a Catfish from the slow steady pull and the tell tale lunges of the rod tip as it kicked its tail from side to side.

10 minutes later, my good friend Steve had it in the net for me, and it was indeed a Cat. Steve looked at it and told me I had a new PB, but I didn't believe him as my PB was over 44lb caught from Nirvana’s Specimen Cat Lake the year before. Upon trying to lift the thing out of the water I'd changed my mind (and almost broke my back!), and after carefully folding its tail into my sling, it turned out I'd smashed my PB by over 12lb as the scales went round to 57lb!

I think that counts as a big fish, so as promised we took a photo with the plaque in the background! It also meant I could finally get rid of my "Movember" moustache which I'd been told I had to keep until I caught a 20!

But my good fortune didn't end there, during our weekend I'd seen the odd fish crashing in the corner of the specimen carp lake, and as we had a few hours to kill on Monday morning before heading home I thought I'd try my luck. Joe came round not long after I'd got set up, and pretty much confirmed I was going about it in the right way and suggested I put my second rod on a spot in line with a tree, fairly close to where I'd seen the fish crashing. So I rigged up a Paradise Baits Pink Stink Wafter with a small PVA bag of maggots, and cast it as best I could in the strong winds to the spot.

20 minutes later the rod screamed off, and after a nail biting fight trying to keep it out of the dying reed beds, I had a 28lb carp in the net, beating my old PB by 4lb which I had caught from the main lake in the summer.

Christmas certainly came early for me! Thanks everyone for a brilliant weekend, look forward to seeing you all next year!”

Amazing Angling by Jacob, not only did he catch 2 New Personal Bests but he is the first to catch in Nev’s Point AND a Cat in December which proves to many that they are wrong about Cats not coming out in Winter because it is very possible to do like Jacob has!!

As you can imagine, Jacob was smiling from ear to ear and we are over the moon for him!

Angler's paradise boss, Zyg, said, "It’s better to be 'Wise' than 'Smart'. The excitement of catching his biggest ever fish was too much for Jacob to handle....his moustache fell off!!"

Jacob Wise - Catfish

Jacob Wise - 28lb Mirror Carp