Abu Garcia Wychavon Championship Qualifier Result

Harpin chub winner!

Daiwa Dorking’s Dave Harpin fished the waggler shallow over the far bank lilies and shelf drop-off on pacey Peg 52 to catch nine decent chub and bits for 13lb and first place. Rich ‘Roach’ Reynolds (Quorn) routinely caught 8-8-0 of redfins from Peg 44 on the Whitehouse bend, with hemp and tares the main line of attack at 13 metres.

Daiwa Gordon’s League’s John Curtis caught two eels and 20 hemp roach for 6-15-0 for third place on shallow Peg 24 upstream of the big willow.  In fourth place, Steve Townsend (Drennan Oxford) worked hard for 4-15-0 on Peg 2 using long pole and pinkie to take a decent bag of small dace, gudgeon, bleak and roach.
Qualifiers: John Curtis, Dave Harpin, Ed Warren