Alert issued over Pacific Pink Salmon

In previous years anglers have been catching and reporting the odd Pacific pink salmon but this year they have appeared in large numbers. Our colleagues in Norway & Denmark are also finding large numbers in their rivers and coasts, Norway has now designated their presence as a ‘High Risk’ mainly as a precaution as we do not know what the impacts would be on native Atlantic salmon if any. Previously the UK government designated the threat as ‘Low Risk’ but this is presently being re-assessed given the high numbers this year.

We would urge all anglers to follow the advice in the Environment Agency’s briefing note if you capture a pink salmon:

If you are confident that you have caught a pink salmon it should be dispatched and retained. Please do NOT return it to the river.

If you are unsure about the identification, if possible please call the Environment Agency on their hotline number 0800 807060. If possible retain the fish alive in a keep net. Otherwise you should release it.

Please report your capture, including details of where you caught it and, if possible, a photograph of the fish to Jon Shelley at the Environment Agency by email:> or by post: Brampton Fisheries laboratory, Brampton, Peterborough, Bromholme Lane, PE28 4NE

If possible, make the whole fish available to the Environment Agency for inspection and further analysis. Otherwise a sample of the scales would be very helpful.