Angel of the North Fishing Lakes

Sunday 4th July open/League Lookout


Conditions: -Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 16 deg, wind rising to SW 21 mph gusts to 39 mph, barometer falling to 1009.1 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 19.3, DO 8.01, PH 8.27, MV49


1st Peter Cairns 79lb 11oz peg 1

2nd Chris Gowling 71lb 10oz peg 30

3rd Eddie Brydon 62lb 13oz peg 25

Section 1 Neil Brown 51lb 12oz peg 3

Section 2 Tony Watson 49lb 1oz peg 27


Exceptionally windy gusty day,


Fri afternoon July 2nd 2010 open Lookout 1 pm draw


Conditions:- Heavy overnight rain, Partly cloudy, ambient temp 22 deg, humidity 88%, wind calm to SW 12 mph, barometer 1006.1 low, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 19.6 deg,   DO 9.2, ph 7.99,  MV 47


1st Dave Catchyside 93lb 5oz peg 16aaa tip to aerator 10mm pellet and pva bags of 6mm feed pellets

2nd Tony Watson 87lb 12oz peg 1

3rd Graham Skirrey 66lb 3oz peg 15

4th John Foster 63lb 2oz peg 42

5th Ricky Bennett 55lb 2oz peg 5


Wed eve 3-hour match 30th June 2010 open Bowes


Conditions:- Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 20 deg, humidity 68%, wind WNW 3mph, barometer 1018 mb,  moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 20.1 deg,  DO 8.1 ppm, PH 8.12, MV40


1st John Foster 50lb 12oz peg 1

2nd Neil Brown 45lb 6oz peg 10

3rd Ricky Bennett 39lb 14oz peg 40

4th Dave Foster 32lb 14oz peg 2

5th Richard Lansbury 32lb 11oz peg 24

6th Tony Watson 31lb 10oz peg 34


Matches Summer

Sunday on Lookout draw 9am

Wed eve 3 hours draw 5pm Bowes

Friday afternoon draw 1pm Lookout


Some excellent weights coming out of all lakes as fish feed up post spawning, pleasure anglers are having their best days fishing with lots getting their PB on quantities as well as size of species.

Pellet especially 10mm banded angel pellets, soft hookers and expanders, paste especially made from angel 3mm pellets, maggot, worm, caster, cubed luncheon meat, sweetcorn, prawn, mussel and cheese all working on the hook or hair rigged. Feed 3mm or 6mm angel feed pellets to keep the fish in your swim and add some groundbait or liquid attractant i.e. scopex, or chopped worm and caster for skimmers and bream to really get the fish to your swim.




 Target carp close in to the reeds, or silvers up in the water for big weights of rudd, or on dead bottom for tench and skimmers, Fridays match weight of 93lb of carp by Davey Catchyside shows carp back on feeding after spawning and Sundays 2nd place was silvers of 60lb and rest carp, so choices of species are up to you and your chosen method of fishing. Pellet waggler with 10mm pellet, tip or bomb also with 10mm pellets, float or to 3 up in the water for massive bags of rudd, or dead bottom for tench and skimmers. Some stunning Ghosties being caught as well as some excellent carp to double figures,




Fishing exceptional tip, bomb or pellet waggler all with 10mm pellets, tight in margins on top 3 or float rod for carp, try chopped worm and casters & go to dead bottom of 2nd shelf for tench, bream or roach or up in the water for rudd ide Orfe.

In 3 hours the 50lb bag of carp in Wed eve match shows carp well on the feed after spawning, make sure you put enough feed in very often to keep fish in your swim as they now are feeding very well.

Large carp being caught on prawn with good quantities of feed pellets to get them in the swim as well as 10mm banded pellets, and mussel.




Has continued its success and some very high numbers of fish being caught, carp, crucians, rudd, roach, tench, Orfe, etc all feeding very well, fish tight in the margins of first shelf or dead bottom of second shelf. Lots of groups coming in to learn to fish as well with Shaun Rippley getting 86 fish in his first 3 hour session beating the other in his group by over 30 fish.


Angling Coaching continues but needs to be pre-booked for individuals or groups. 0191 4100449


National Fishing Month Learn to fish taster sessions of 1 hour starts for anyone wanting to see if they want to learn to coarse fish from 17th July for 4 weeks every Saturday from 9am till 3pm these sessions cost £5.00 for the hour and includes Angling Coach, equipment, bait etc must be pre booked.