Angel of the North Fishing Lakes Report

Sunday 5th July Charity Match Mac Millian Nurses Bowes and Lookout


Conditions:-  Overcast with sunny spells , humidity 88%,  ambient temp 18 deg, wind SE 5 mph, barometer 1012.9 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 20.6 to 21 deg, PH 7.24 to 7.52, DO 5.5 to 9.6 conductivity


1st Chris Owers Lookout 70lb 13oz peg 28  

2nd Lee Slater Lookout 68lb 11oz peg 1

3rd Steve May Lookout 62lb 12 oz peg 42 

4th Dennis Burden Lookout 55lb 5oz peg 11


Lookout Sections

1  pegs 1 to 15 Liam Shilling 45lb 3oz Peg 12

2 pegs 16aa to 24 John Foster 49lb 13oz peg 17

3 pegs 25 to 42 Steve Knowles  49lb 9oz peg 25

Bowes Section

4 pegs 1 to 20 Brian Hall 44lb 1oz peg 12

5 pegs 21 to 40 Colin Pine 50lb 3oz peg 40

Chris fished up in the water at 5 meters out all on maggot or paste made out of Angel Feed Pellets.


Next weeks open is on Lookout Lake names being taken now.


Wed Eve 1st July Open Bowes 3 hours,


Conditions:- Thunder and  heavy rain in evening, ambient temp 29 dropped to 23 deg, humidity 81%, wind calm, barometer 1022 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 22.8 deg, Ph 7..95, DO 9  ppm, conductivity -77.


1st John Foster 73lb 9oz peg 1

2nd Chris Owers 52lb 6oz peg 14

3rd Robert Rundel 50lb ( went over net weight) peg 2

4th Alan Mc Guire 47lb 13oz peg 24

5th Lee Mitcherson 39lb 13oz peg 25

6th Dave Barrett 33lb 14oz peg 22


Wet night at the start followed by very muggy weather and still water,



Fantastic quantities and qualities of fish being caught  at the years highest water temperatures fish are feeding ferociously and up in the water, all species have spawned and now just feeding up to gain strength and growth. All lakes are fishing exceptionally well for all species, it is the feed, hook bait and set up which will target the individual species.  Fish are at their greatest strengths in this water temperature and will produce a great fight when hooked, so be prepared and make sure your equipment and end tackle  are set up to take the fight.

Remembering never, never leave your rod/pole unattended or out of your hand or it will get taken into the water with the fish fighting so much. The result will be a high risk that the fish will die as it will be tethered to the rig and rod/pole in the water and your rod/pole lost in the lake.


When returning fish in the landing net after they have been caught, please give the fish time to recover by leaving the fish in the landing net in the water until it recovers this will only take a minute or so  and make sure the fish has started swimming again before you release it back into the water.  If you have caught a large Bream please make sure you keep it upright in the landing net when releasing it back. The fish fight so hard in these water temperatures that they need to regain oxygen levels and rest up a bit after the capture, the same as you running a mile in warm temperatures, they get winded!!!

Feed little but very,  very, often to get maximum catches as you are bringing in your fish put feed back in your swim before you net your fish in.




Fantastic fishing for all species, the fish are in the margins and up in the water so make sure you get your feed going in little but more often with these hot water temperatures. On the hook paste (made out of angels pellets) try and put angels pellets around the outside (conker) for great results in catch rates. All hook pellets are working well, also cubes of luncheon meat, worm cocktail, multiple maggots (singles will target smaller fish) sweetcorn, make sure you choose bigger baits on the hook to target larger fish. For feed use Angel Feed pellets are outstanding, you can soak and mix some hemp make it sloppy or firm into balls, or add caster or maggot, the colour and fish meal content of angel pellets is an excellent fish attractant.

Lots of pleasure anglers catching well over 200 fish in a session and targeting species with certain hook baits, huge bags of Rudd on the drop, ide, golden orfe, skimmers, carp, roach, tench, perch, koi, and ghosties.

Peter Richardson from Sunderland took over 200lb on Monday fishing 16aa.


Some exceptional fish and quantities coming out of this lake, fish are spread all over but off the bottom and close to margins and island margins, feed little but often to catch well and expect a good fight of every size of fish, silvers now catching if you want to target them. Carp being caught predominantly early morning or late afternoon /evening in the largest numbers. Large numbers of carp above 15 lb coming out with best at 31lb 12oz a mirror female post spawning so good size (shame she was not caught before spawning would be interesting to see her weight then.)  Wed eve match John Foster took 73lb 9oz in 3 hours!




Cracking pond with specimen sized silvers coming out, carp to 10lb 4oz and huge numbers of fish being caught. Carp predominantly in numbers are caught early morning or late afternoon /evening in the largest numbers. High numbers of fish caught Alan Whitehurst from Gateshead took 145 fish in a morning session and got sunburned into the bargain as he took his top of!!!! 



Every Sat and Sunday Morning from 9am till 12 noon and will be also on through the summer holidays during the week, please phone to book.



Charity Match - Thank You for all anglers who participated and helped with raffle, and help fill some tubs will announce the total raised when we get confirmation from MacMillan Nurses.