Angel Of The North Fishing Lakes

Sunday 6th Sept 09


Conditions:- Partly cloudy, ambient temp 12.1 deg, humidity 77%,  wind calm to WSW 8 mph, barometer 1016.9,  moon phase waning gibbous,  PH 7.89, DO 12 ppm, conductivity 56, 

1st Neville Langley 83lb 6oz peg 1

2nd Steve Lamb 42lb 5oz peg 4

3rd Alan Mc Guire 37lb 6oz peg 4

4th Steve Knowles 33lb 3oz peg 24 got section

5th Peter Cairns 33lb peg 16

6th Chris Owers 30lb 5oz peg 21

Section Jeff Lincoln 18lb 14oz peg 8


Neville weighed in 7 koi including the pig


Neville Langley with a Koi and one of his carp nets from Sundays win
Neville Langley with a Koi


Friday 4th Sept 09 open Bowes 4 hour match


Conditions:- light rain and overcast, ambient temp 11 deg, baromerter low 993.4 mb, high winds W 22 mph with higher gusts, moon phase Full, water temp dropped 12.7, DO 11.3, Ph 7.45, conductivity 27.


1st Chris Owers 84lb (actual 88lb 12oz went over one net) peg 40

2nd John Foster 69lb 5oz (actual 70lb 13oz went over one net) peg 1

3rd Tony Robertson 43lb 8oz peg 3

4th Nevill Langley 42lb 7oz peg 5


Chris used Top 5 sections tight to left  on paste


 Wed 2nd Sept 09 Open Lookout


Partly cloudy with showers, ambient temp 16 deg, humidity 68%, barometer 1002.1 mb,  moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 13.7, DO 13.1 ppm, PH 7.65, conductivity 45.


1st Alan Mc Guire 67lb 13oz peg 9

2nd Neil Brown 41lb 9oz peg 7


Alan got All on tip using 10mm pelletts as conker, feeding 10mm caterpulted out.



Fishing well considering cold nights and wind and rain this week, however water temperature has dropped to 12 deg so lighten up on feed, but get the feed patterns correct and some great catches to be had.

88 lb on  Bowes out on Fridays match in 4 hours, and 66lb on Wed from Lookout both in high winds and rainy days and 83lb 6oz on Sunday on Lookout.

With cooler water temperatures down to 12 deg,  maggot, worm, caster and pellet starting to come into their own, paste or conker if weather is mild.




Fished well this week even though high winds and heavy rain with cold nights, even hail on Monday.

Fish following favourable winds W and S but if E or N they are staying in the warm thermals tight in.

Tip working great with bomb or feeder, and maggots, worm, caster, pellet working well, with paste sweetcorn still working if warmer days. Ease up on feeding and get feed pattern correct and some stunning bags of fish to be had. Carp still feeding very well and water still coloured but all the algie is now gone so water will start to loose colour in about another 6 deg of tempetature.



Fishing exceptonally well with carp turning to feed on maggots, caster, pellets with paste still working but not for long as water temperature drops. 88 lb on Fridays 4 hour match was a good weight for September and some good pleasure anglers numbers out with Peter Banks from Fulwell taking a 24lb 6oz Mirror on Angels 10mm pellet with Angels 10mm pellet fired in over the top on a tip rod to the island. Silvers now also being caught on maggot.


Bassetts / Coaching


Great on windy days this week and some good numbers of fish being caught, with carp over 10lb.

Some days fishing better than others Some cracking junior anglers have learned to fish these holidays so watch out for the younger generation coming up. We are putting on some over 40s learn to fish sessions so give a ring if you are interested in taking up the sport. We also are keeping the Saturday and Sundaty Morning 3 hour sessions going now the holidays are over.

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