Angel Of The North Fishing Lakes

Sunday 13th Sept 09 open Bowes


Conditions:  Mostly cloudy,  ambient temp 13 deg, humidity 88%, wind  NNE15mph, barometer 1031.2 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 14.5, DO 9.8, PH7.38 conductivity 28.

1st Derek Fox 52lb 8oz peg 16

2nd Tony Watson 46lb 15oz peg 2

3rd Chris Owers 28lb 5oz peg 13

4th Peter Cairns 22lb 15oz peg 21

5th Ricky Bennett 17lb 5oz peg 18

6th Brian Hall & Johnathan Broadbent 14lb 11oz pegs 3, & 24 respectively


What a difference a day makes, cold North wind and some showers after a stunning warm day yesterday, and ton ups on Friday.


Friday 11th Sept 09 open Bowes


Conditions:- Partly cloudy, ambient temp 14 deg (7 deg overnight), humidity 82%, wind calm, barometer 1038.9 mb (high), moon phase waning gibbous, Water temp 13.4 deg,   DO  13.2, Ph 7.55, conductivity


1st Tony Robertson 100lb (went over in both nets) peg 37

2nd Chris Owers 91lb 1oz (was 98lb 13oz went over in 1 net) peg 2

3rd Rickie Bennett 51lb 10oz peg 40


Tony fished pole tight in with conker (pellet covered in paste) over 3mm angel pellets.


Wednesday 9th Sept open Lookout


Sunny, humidity 75%, ambient temp 15 deg, wind calm to 3 mph,moon phase waning gibbous,  water temp 12.3 deg, PH 7.55, DO 13.1 ppm, conductivity 23

1st Rob Emmery 57lb 15oz, peg 2

2nd Neil Brown 33lb 08oz peg 5




A week starting with high winds and low barometer readings then changing to calm, bright sunshine, cold nights  and very high barometer readings, combined with water temperature drops overnight and rising through the day time. This produced mixed catch rates according to which pegs and lakes you were fishing, also to which time of day you were fishing with dusk and dawn proving to be the most effective, yet with some stunning catch rates through the day if you chose your pegs and method of fishing correctly on the day. Don’t over feed as water temperature is cooling, and fishing is going into Autumn tactics, cooler days maggot, worm caster, pellet works well, warmer days paste and conker works well.

The swallows left this week to head back to Africa on Wednesday, and if you are a season ticket holder in from dusk to dawn you will see lots of bats feeding on insects getting ready to go into hybernation with cold weather ahead, as well as lots of activity on and in the water as the birds, as well as fish have been feeding well for cold months ahead




Sundays match was won with 83lb 6oz in 5 hours from peg 1 included in this was 7 koi carp all weighed in separately. Fish this week have followed favourable winds and have been caught tight in to margins either on bankside by fishing pegs or of the back of the islands where the fish are searching out food taken by the winds in the marginal reeds.Bream, including skimmers and tench are being caught of the second shelf at dead depth,  whilst carp are being caught of the first shelf in the reeds. Rudd, Ide, orfe and roach are being caught with sprayed maggot or pellet on the drop 4 metres on out. A couple of cracking perch have been caught on worm cocktail with caster, whilst crucians are starting to shoal together and catch one and you have chance to get many.





Stunning weights out this week when the carp were caught fishing shallow, with ton ups in the match on Friday and almost a ton as back up weights, these wights co insided with favourable moon phases. Some low 20s out of pegs 1 to 5 this week with best was 22lb 14 oz a common, the matches also produced lots of doubles from all around the lakes. 4 to 5 lb carp being taken tight in margins either close at feet or of the island tight to reeds, with best sucesses on conker made from angel pellets 10mm and micros used as paste to wrap around the pellet over a spay of angel 3mm or micro feed pellets.




Fish tight to reeds off first shelf for carp, out to the bottom of the second shelf for tench and go out 4 metres for skimmers, rudd, roach, ide and orfe on the drop. Shy crucians are grouping together and if you can keep them in your swim you can catch many especially now at dead bottom on maggot, or caster and sometimes punched luncheon meat.


Coaching is on Saturday and Sunday mornings 9am till Noon please phone to book.


Open Matches are

Sundays draw 9am

Wed draw 10am

Friday draw 1pm.