Angel Lakes

Sunday 27th June 2010 open league Lookout


Conditions: - Partly cloudy, ambient temp 23 deg, humidity 41%, wind WSW 10 MPH, Barometer 1015.9 MB, moon phase Full, water temp 18.9 deg, PH 7.51, DO 9.1, mv 32


1st Ricky Bennett 69lb 10lb 16aaa Tip to aerator 10mm pellets

2nd Tony Watson 57lb 14oz peg 29

3rd Dave Foster 53lb 8oz peg 1

4th Chris Gowling 52lb 4oz peg 15

5th Paul Jackson 51lb 12oz peg 11

6th Jeff Lincoln 49lb 11oz peg 23


Friday afternoon 25th June 2010 open lookout


Conditions: Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 15, humidity 82%, wind WNW 5 mph, barometer 1018 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp 20.8 deg, PH 7.85, DO 7.95, MV 31


1st John Foster 95lb 2oz peg 1

2nd Graham Skirrey 46lb 9oz peg 25

3rd David Catchyside 38lb 9oz peg 16aa


Wed eve open 23rd June 2010 Bowes 3 hours


Conditions: Partly Cloudy, ambient temperature 19 deg, humidity 53%, wind WSW 9 mph, barometer 1019 mb, moon phase waxing gibbous, water temp rose to 20 deg, PH 8, DO 7.3, MV41


1st Tony Watson 58lb 13oz peg 3 Pellet waggler and 10mm pellets

2nd John Foster 38lb 13oz peg 34

3rd Dave Foster 32lb 9oz peg 1

4th Steve Guy 21lb peg 16

5th Ricky Bennett 17lb 1oz peg 4

6th Paul Tuff 13lb 9oz peg 2`        


Matches for summer

Sunday open draw 9am Lookout

Friday afternoon 1pm draw Lookout

Wed eve 5pm draw.



Water temperatures rose yet again after some dramatic drops over the last 3 weeks, All species have spawned thankfully and just tench yet to do so. Fish are feeding very well and catch rates well up again, preferring overcast conditions and a ripple on the water to sunny and calm. Carp well back on feeding as is silvers feeding up well after spawning. Dawn to Dusk still fishing at excellent rates.

Some stunning large carp caught in 20lb plus figures and mainly on 10mm pellets or conker with extra feed being in pva bags of 3mm angel pellets.

Large bags of rudd up in the water and also of skimmers, tench, roach and carp. Get feed patterns correct for some great catch rates.



Excellent fishing again with a 95lb 2oz win by John Foster in 5 hours on Friday, Now spawning is over all species are now feeding well with some very large bags of silvers again being caught, carp back on feeding very well after spawning keep the feed going in steady patterns to keep the fish in your swim. Best Tench out was 7lb 10oz by a 14 year old Jordan Grimes from Horden, best carp was a ghostie of 13lb 9oz, lots of crucians being caught, as is rudd up in the water, ide, Orfe, and best bag of skimmers was 56lb 8oz.

Pellet is doing well, angel 10mm banded, angel 6mm red banded, soft hookers and expanders, maggot though you get loads of perch, casters, worm, cubed luncheon meat, cubed cheese and berries also catching well, as is paste, mussels, and cockles.

Feeding angel pellets small quantities and very regular is the key to keeping fish in your swim.





Carp fishing well with 58lb 13oz win in 3 hours on Wed evenings match by Tony Watson,

All species have spawned including the large bream except Tench and are very hungry and feeding up well, this last week they have been up in the water a lot so make sure your method of fishing reflects this, close in the margins tight to reeds are where most carp are feeding on the fry so you can entice them on to your bait and hook if you get feed patterns correct and choose your hook bait with care.

Over 16 20lb carp have been caught during the evening sessions by season ticket holders best was 29lb 8oz also over 20 large double figured carp by pleasure anglers, Lots of silvers and tench also getting caught and best bream out was 10lb 8oz,

Best baits pellet, banded angel 10mm, banded angel red 6mm, conker, soft hookers, expanders, mussel, cockles, cubed luncheon meat, sweet corn, maggot, caster, and worms.

Feed well angel feed pellets and keep them going in steady to keep the fish in your swim.




Fishing exceptionally well with very large bags of carp, crucians, rudd, roach, tench, Orfe, ide. Feed methodically and keep it going in to keep fish in the swim, tight in margins or of the second shelf,

Maggot, pellet, corn, doing very well, most angers in a session are bagging up over 150 fish.


Coaching is needed to be pre booked to arrange angling coaches, please phone for booking availability,

Watch out for National Fishing Month learn to fish taster sessions over mid July to Mid August.