Angel of the North Fishing Lakes

Sunday 7th March 2010 open Bowes

Overnight frost, fair and sunny, ambient temp 5 deg, humidity 70%, wind W5 mph, barometer 1032.9 (high), moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 2.4 deg, PH 8.15, DO 8.95, mv 55.

 1st Dave Pearson 20lb 9oz peg 3 all Carp on maggot and corn tip toinbetween island

2nd Martin Rowell 19lb 15oz peg 22 (inc a of Bream 9lb 5oz photo enclosed )

3rd Ray Wallace 13lb 8oz peg 12

Section 1 John Foster

Section 2 Alan Mc Guire

Section 3 Ian Gillis

Section 4 Johnathan Broadbent


Sunday 7th March 2010 Big Waters

Overnight frost, fair and sunny, ambient temp 5 deg, humidity 70%, wind W5 mph, barometer 1032.9 (high), moon phase waning gibbous Water temp 2.5, DO 9.1, PH 8.20, mv65.

1st Paul O Donnel33lb 3oz peg 25

2nd Steve Knowles 18lb 8oz peg 11

3rd Barry Evans 18lb 3oz peg 27

4th Niel Ripley 17lb 12oz peg 29

5th M Gardner 10lb 12oz peg 28

6th Jeff Webster 10lb peg 12


Wed 3rd March 2010 open Lookout


Conditions:- Overnight frost of –4, all lakes froze again, fair with some clouds, ambient temp 3 deg (match started with –2) humidity 75%, wind 2mph, barometer 1023 mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 1.9 deg, PH8.48, DO 8, MV 61, had to end up with breaking ice in front of pegs and a float match because of frozen lakes.

1st Dave Jackson 16lb 9oz peg 11

2nd Ray Wallace 11lb 8oz peg 15

3rd Neil Brown 9lb 3oz peg 24

4th Alan Mc Guire 8lb 2oz peg 27

5th Ricky Bennett 7lb 9oz peg 1

6th Jonathan Broadbent 6lb 10 oz peg 23

Tough day all silvers caught,  more frost tonight to come! Dave caught on pellet


Angel of the North Fishing Lakes


Interesting week water temp reached 3 deg (last year was above 8) but dropped down because of the frosts at night to 2.4, and lakes defrosted on Friday at last!  Fish all species have started catching with much better catch rates as long as you do not overfeed,  longer daylight hours does make a difference to catch rates. 


Lookout has seen some excellent carp as well as silver catches for 2.4 deg water temp, with all species being caught  some excellent tench starting to feed and be caught, even shy biting crucians now coming out. Keep tackle on the lighter side still and get light feed paterns correct and catches will be good. Maggot, pellet and corn as well as worm on the hook and feeding either pellet producing the catches


Bowes is fishing interesting since new fish were stocked in it, carp and silvers being caught, with some canny double figures coming out. It has produced on Peg 22 a lovely bream of 9lb 5oz,  carp being caught to double figures even in the match on bomb and pellet.



Fishing is for all species just make sure you fish with lighter tackle, hooks of 18, and smaller bait and you will catch, some good orfe out as well.