Angel Of The North – Fishery Update 1st June, 2008

Sunday 1st June 08 Open Lookout
Mostly Cloudy with rain, ambient temp 11 deg, Wind N 15 mph,  barometer 1016.9 mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 15.9 deg,  DO 9.6, PH 7.51 conductivity -49
1st  John Foster Angel 45lb 13oz peg 26
2nd Steve Chant 41lb 12oz peg 6
3rd Peter Wilson 35lb 3oz peg 27
4th Eddie Brydon Maver 33lb 11oz peg 14
5th Terry Guthrie (would have been 3rd on 39lb 1oz but over filled silvers net by 6lb 7oz )32lb 11oz peg 12   
6th Andrew Brown 32lb 4oz peg 3
John used paste 4 mtres out in margins and also pellet up in water
Browning Youth Masters Qualifiers Saturday 31st May 08
Partly Cloudy, ambient temp 16 deg, Humidity 68%, Wind N13 mph, moon phase waning crescent, water temp rose to 16.2 deg, PH 7.31   DO9.5 aerators on, conductivity -49
1st Christopher  Fail Angel Jnr 23lb 1oz inc 2lb 15oz bream, peg 14
2nd Anthony Longstaff Angel 12lb 9oz peg 3
3rd Liam Shilling Angel 12lb 5oz peg 5
4th Arron Deas 10lb 1oz peg 7
5th Daniel Smith Angel 7lb peg 6
6th Alex Burdon 3lb 7oz peg 13
Well done Chris who goes through to the final at Cudmore where 100 young anglers will fish against each other to win a years sponsorship including tackle etc.
Wed Eve 28th May 08 Bowes
Overcast, ambient temp 11 deg, water temp 14 deg, DO 8.4, PH 7.66
1ST Chris Owers Angel 35lb 1oz peg 36
2nd Eddie Brydon Maver  33lb peg 4
3rd Mark  Carlin 32lb 5oz peg 2
4th Peter Wilson 16lb 10oz peg 37
5th Andrew Brown 16lb peg 16
6th Ray Wallace 13lb 10oz peg 5
Chris fish pole 10 meters pellet over Angel feed pellets
The Week General
Best tips on hook use Pellet (all sizes, all flavours, bigger bait bigger fish), paste, sweetcorn, worm tails and maggots also castor, Feed angel pellets
Fish close to margins close to reeds, off first shelf at 3 ft 6 in deep or go for bottom of second shelf at 6ft deep still close in,
Great catches this week, and exceptional catches on warm days when fish are well of the bottom,  fish spawning well carp and tench yet to spawn.
Bowes carp lake
Fishing exceptionally well with carp feeding ready to spawn.
Regulars Luke Harle and Doug Peel fishing Tuesday had a great days fishing with Luke catching 18 common carp and Doug 10 Mirror carp and 15 common carp all on soft hooker pellets 6mm over angel pellets fed very often,
James Thompson and Ryan Rowley have had several good days fishing with some excellent carp being caught numbering in excess of 60 fish.
Alan Straughan on peg 1 took 48 carp to 8lb in a short session on Thursday fishing worm tail with maggot or castor tipped as cocktail.
Season Ticket Holders brothers Marc and Paul taking some nice doubles during evening and early morning sessions.
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Norman Eaden fishing 16aa had a great morning on Friday with over 50 fish inc  tench, skimmers, and 9 carp fishing pole with pellet flavoured with garlic.
Alan Thompson on Friday fishing peg 16 a took over 20 bream, and 7 perch on maggot.
Paul swift fishing peg 24 took in excess of 70 fish including golden tench, tench, perch, rudd, roach, crucians, and carp.
Martyn Searle also had a great session this week catching 31 bream best to 6lb, 28 tench inc golden tench, rudd and carp.
Bassetts mixed coarse
Great pond with some great catches out including some carp to 4lb with Greg Wallace from Hendon taking over 80 tench in a day session as well as carp, roach, rudd, Ide all on maggot over angel feed pellets.
Is Very Busy with excellent adult and junior attendances with loads of new anglers coming into the sport. Please book for taster sessions or courses to learn or convert from sea or game.
Coming up a session on:- feeding to catch Carp anyone interested please phone Ann to Book (0191 4100449)
Calling ALL Junior Anglers from the North East
Names taken for the next Browning Qualifier at Angel on June 29th 08  for the Browning Youth Masters any Junior aged 17 and under is eligible to go through to final.