Angel of the North Fishing Lakes match and Catch Report to 8th July 2007

Wow some stunning catches and stunning catch weights both in specimen sized fish and in match weights of Carp!!!! Despite the weather conditions, and water temperatures varying by up to 3 deg in days!!!
Carp including Crucians, commons, mirrors, ghosties and Koi also Tench, green, blue and golden feeding ferociously ready to spawn, whilst the silvers are now on their third spawning this year,
Fishing exceptionally well this week, Peter Wilson taking a stunning Koi of 10lb on Saturday whilst pleasure fishing on the island, Peters also had his two sons fishing and between them had a fantastic day with two tench over 6lb to add to the catch.
Best Hook baits Paste, Pellet, corn came back on this week, maggot as a cocktail with worm tails, and meat also doing well.
Best pegs 1, 13 to 15, 20 to 23, 28 to 33.
The winning weight of Bowes on Saturday by Jeff Layton was a great 90lb 5oz and Jeff has just came out of hospital. So Carp coming on to feed well, the best time however is a early morning 3.45am when they really are switched on to feed and some exquisite specimen double figures coming out best 21lb 6oz to Graham from Coventry.
Best pegs1, 39, 37, 5, 3, 14 to 17, 22 to 25

Paul Hepinstall

Fly fishing for Carp on Bowes all July & Aug 4pm till 8pm (except Mon & Wed evenings)
Evening sessions fly fishing for carp has produced mixed results with some excellent sport for fly anglers and great fun. James Cutting from Gateshead on Sunday evening took 4 carp to 2.5lb, on fly rod weight 5, Scierra Ti & Rod Greys Platinum Floating Line. Caught on an strike indicator approx 3” down with worm & paste.  Late on the carp came to the surface to dog biscuits however no sooner had they arrived, along comes the rain the fish went deep once again.  All is required is a couple of settled days and the carp will be right on top.
Fly's to try:
Deer hair sedge
Brown & White Muddlers
Large CDC's (Cul de Canards)
Best Hook baits Paste, Pellet, corn came back on this week,  maggot as a cocktail with worm tails, and meat also doing well inc peperami
A Crazy pond with great catches, for example in a coaching session doing a demonstration of how to use an elasticated whip the bare hook went into the water and was immediately taken by a lovely 8 oz Rudd, well this pond just fishes so well.
Paul & Karn Wappet  (BBC radio Newcastle) on coaching on Sunday had a great day with Karen proving she is a natural angler with some excellent catches
Bookings being taken for the ONC in angling and the environment, also for any coaching sessions.
Watch out for National fishing week  announcement (July 21 to 29th) and the Holiday Fishing Festival all August!!! On events at Angel
Sunday 8th July 2007 open Lookout
Partly Cloudy with sunny spells, ambient temp 19 deg, humidity 43%, wind calm to W12mph, barometer 1012.9mb, moon phase waning crescent, water temp 16.2 deg, P 7.69, DO 7.69
1st Andrew Brown 52lb 12oz peg 1
2nd Peter Wilson 52lb 5oz,,peg peg 13
3rd Neil Brown 45lb 9oz peg 15
4th David Redshaw 34lb 02oz peg 8
5th Ray Underwood 33lb 13oz peg 6
6th Jeff Layton 32lb 9oz peg 3
Andrew used pole maver N15, 12/20 maver elastic, .13 preston powerline, pr27 hook, angel feed pellets and RS 6mm pellets, 12 meters out to 4 meters out then in the margins,  most carp in margins.
Saturday 8th July 2007 open Bowes (winner 90lb 5oz by Jeff Layton)
Overcast with sunny spells, ambient temp 18 deg, humidity 64%, wind WSW 12 mph turning to W15mph, barometer 1010.2mb (rising),moon phase waning gibbous, water temp 15.4 (dropped 1 deg from last night) PH 7.55, DO 9.15
1st   Jeff Layton Angel 90lb 5oz peg 1
2nd Liam Shilling Angel Jnr 41lb 2oz peg 39
3rd Dave Hodgson Angel 38lb 07oz peg 3
4th Keith Ainsley Angel 34lb 14oz peg 7
5th Keith West Langley Park 31lb 01oz peg 14
6th Mark Carling Langley Park 23lb 04 oz peg 17
Jeff fished pole, at 8 metres then in the margins on paste.
Very well done Jeff, a great weight  for conditions. 
Wednesday 4th July 07 Open Bowes
Overcast with rainy spells, ambient temperature 17 deg, wind W7 mph, barometer 008.2mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water 15.7 to 16 deg, DO 8.1, PH 7.65
1st Keith Ainsley Angel 32lb 8oz peg 12
2nd Chris Owers FTL 22lb 11oz peg 7
3rd Ray Underwood 20lb peg 35
Keith fished pole and paste over angel feed pellets, the back bank,  the side two banks and the front bank all had fish catching at different rates depending on feed patterns of swims and presentation.
Monday Evening 2nd July Cost Cutter Open only winner paid
Overcast, ambient temp 15deg, humidity 78%, wins SW 4mph,  barometer 992.1mb, moon phase waning gibbous, water temperature 16.4, DO 8.82, PH7.55
1st Chris Owers FTL  49lb 4oz peg 2
Well done to Chris 3 hours a canny bag considering the water temp has been up and down by 6 deg,  carp feeding well and Chris fed extensively and caught well in the margins.