ACA Aims To Double Membership During 2006

The Anglers' Conservation Association has announced plans to double its membership by the end of the year. The ACA is a unique organisation which fights pollution and other damage to water environments throughout the UK. Water pollution kills hundreds of thousands of fish each year which has a huge impact on local economies, aquatic wildlife and the enjoyment of angling clubs.

Rivers and stillwaters are also under threat from water abstraction, escaped farmed fish, weirs and flood defence works. The ACA aims to stop this damage happening and to seek compensation for our members when it does.

Did you know;

  •   The ACA was founded in 1948 with the purpose of using common law to fight and protect fisheries.
  • Since that time, the ACA has won in excess of two thousand cases and recovered many millions of pounds in damages, which is returned to the members the ACA represents.  Throughout its history, it has lost only three cases.
  • At any one time, it typically has about fifty to sixty cases ongoing on behalf of our members.  Each year it makes polluters pay hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation and secures injunctions to stop further damage.
  • The ACA gives members who are fishery owners and angling clubs legal advice across the entire range of angling matters.
  • A new management team was appointed in April, comprising a new Director and several new committee members.
  • The ACA offers membership rates for individuals, reduced rate individuals, angling clubs, riparian owners, commercial fisheries and trade members.  Those wishing to join the ACA should phone 01568 620447 during office hours or download a subscription form from the web site: 

What can you do to help? Well, that bit is simple… JOIN UP NOW!

 For more information on supporting the ACA in its fight to protect our fisheries, visit: