The Angling Trust seek talented U18s and U23s anglers for England coarse trials

The Angling Trust is looking for talented anglers who would like to take part in the England U18s and U23s coarse youth trials.

The U18s and U23s World Championships are due to be staged in France on 27th -28th July this year, along the River Villaines in Brittany.

The first of the England coarse youth trials will take place for the U23s at Maver Larford Fishery, Worcestershire along the Burr Bank on Saturday 23rd March.  This will be a 75% slider and waggler trial with just 25% of the session spent on the pole, trialists will be required to bring along two nets.

England coarse trialsBait allowances are 17l of mixed groundbait and leam, 1 pint joker/bloodworm, and 2 pints of other baits.  (No pellets will be allowed)  One tin of sweetcorn only.

You must be under 23 years of age by 31st December 2012 to apply.

The next England trial for the U18s will take place on Sunday 28th April 2013 on the Gloucester canal at Hempstead Bend.

Bait allowances are 12 litres of groundbait, 1 ½ litres of feed bait.  No bloodworm and joker.

You must be under 18 years of age by 31st December 2012 to apply.

All competitors for both trials will be fishing to full international rules. Rules are available on the FIPSed website at;  Anyone wishing to apply for trials must also have individual membership of the Angling Trust.

Applicants invited to the trials must impress Drennan U23s England Team Manager, Mark Downes and the Sensas U18s England Team Manager, Steve Sanders, who will be looking for talented anglers who have the ability to fish under pressure.

The England Youth trial application forms for the U18s and U23s are available by contacting Sandra Drew, Competitions and Events Manager, Angling Trust at, or by telephoning 0115 9061 301/307.

The closing date for the receipt of completed application forms for the U23s is by no later than 15th March 2013, and for the U18s by no later than 31st March 2013.  Application forms have been sent to all who applied to take part in the trials last year.