World’s First Insect Repelling Intelligent Fabric – No More Mosquito Bites

UK inventor George Costa has good news for people who get bitten by mosquitoes. He's invented a revolutionary intelligent clothing called Arnywear which creates a force field against mosquitoes whenever you wear it – it's a totally natural mosquito repellent fabric.

Unlike traditional sprays and creams, the fabric (which has also been made into a teddy bear) is a natural mosquito repellent clothing that doesn't contain any chemicals and is totally safe for even the most allergic children and babies. It can even be sucked and chewed. What's more, it continues to work long after traditional insect repellents have worn off.

So why do you get bitten? Mr Costa says that "mosquitos home in on people because they are giving off carbon dioxide, lactic acid and also heat. Mosquitoes use carbon dioxide and lactic acid like sign posts to your body - following them until they find your skin and ... they bite you."

So how do you stop them? Well you need to confuse them and take down those sign posts. Arnywear, the insect repelling clothing, releases a fresh smelling vapour whenever it's moved or rubbed - this which reacts with the insects' chemical receptors confusing them and driving them away … they simply can't find you.

Insect repellents work in much the same way (although most are based on DEET which, believe it or not, is actually a paint solvent and can cause allergic reactions in itself) - the problem is, you need to keep applying repellents every 20 minutes or the effects wear off. But, Arnywear goes on working for hours ... wear it like a sarong, headscarf or even use it as a bed sheet or table cloth and your body's movement will keep it active (if you can smell its delicate lavender scent - it's fending off those mozzies!). What's more the natural mosquito repellent clothing is washable - no wonder it's called one of the world's first intelligent fabrics.

All Arnywear insect repellent clothing has been clinically tested and proven at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, where Nigel Hill, Medical Entomologist explains,” The fabric performed very well in our tests against hungry mosquitoes. It continually re-impregnates itself with fresh repellent during normal use giving long term protection without the need to continually add more chemical.”

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