EBay success for Bag Up Baits

Disillusioned with the development and prices for some bait products, Chris Fox decided to have a go at making his own carp baits instead. Excellent results followed which led to Chris selling his baits on eBay. Outstanding feedback along with an ever-growing number of repeat customers brought about a whole new business for Chris, who now sells his on brand of Bag Up Baits.

Bag Up Baits now sell a broad range of bait products for the match and carp angler, all proven to catch fish of all sizes. Products include; Pastes (with over ten flavours to choose from), Groundbaits, Pellets, Boilies, Fishmeal, Molasses and much, much, more!

With over 55 years of angling experience, Chris aims to provide anglers with a good honest service with quality baits to match.  For more information visit:http://www.bagupbaits.co.uk/