Barston Lakes Carp Get Their Chips

Barston Lakes, near Solihull, is the latest in a series of carp venues to use Chips4Fish microchip indentification.

Fishery Owner, Nigel Harrhy, of Barston Lakes, is intending to ID mark all his doubles during the coming season and is aiming to use three major carp competitions as the main tool to catch the fish.  Trained fishery staff will be on-hand, as the fish are caught to microchip them and record the weight and any other details with the minimum of inconvenience to the competitors or the fish.

Barston lakes staff get chipping!This follows training sessions carried out by Chips4Fish at Fenland Fisheries (where fishery staff from two French lakes were also trained) and at Warren Fishery, Stanford-le-Hope, where six fishery staff were trained.  Warren, like Barston Lakes, used existing carp competitions as the basic tool to catch up a good number of fish in the initial microchipping drive.

Fisheries who have been unlucky enough to lose fish during the freeze this winter may bear in mind that the most cost effective time to chip your fish is when re-stocking so, if you are looking to replace lost fish, that is the obvious time to ID mark the stock with a Chips4Fish microchip.

Further details contact Tony Loveless. Email: Web:  Tel: 01323 460887

At Fenland Fisheries a 30lb mirror is check scanned after being chipped
At Fenland Fisheries, a 30lb mirror
is check scanned after being chipped