The World’s First Bite Alarm App Arrives In The App Store

Last week saw the arrival of a new iPhone & iPod Touch app for fishermen called ‘Bite Alarm!’.  Described as “The Ultimate Fisherman’s Wind-up App” – you’ll either love this app, or hate it.

Bite Alarm! mimics the sounds of some of the most popular bite alarms on the market and enables you to trigger them at will. It features high quality retina graphics, alarm sounds and latching LED’s that actually light up – just like the real thing.

Users can swipe left or right to select alarms from Delkim, Nash and Fox.

Bite Alarm! AppNick Carpenter, the creator of the app, came up with the idea after a particularly troublesome weekend at his local syndicate lake. “All weekend the guys I was fishing with were winding me up. Every time I dropped off to sleep one of them would sneak up and tweak one of my lines so my Delkims went off! I don’t know how many times I scrambled off my bedchair only to find my mate stood there laughing at me.”,  said Nick. “I wanted a way to get them back that they just wouldn’t be expecting!”, he continued.

Bite Alarm! is a more hi-tech way to carry out this common lake-side prank!  It also has a built in timer so you can set a delay before the alarm goes off and a ‘screen off’ button for sneaky night-time wind ups.

Within 2 days of release, Bite Alarm! was selected by Apple as ‘New & Noteworthy’ on iTunes and even made it into the Top 10 apps in the Sports section.

With this many downloads, you can bet it won’t be long before someone catches you out with this app at the lake side!

Already in production in the next version which will expand the choice of alarms to include a Steve Neville alarm and an ATTs.

“We’re already getting requests from guys that want more alarms included in the app, including some remotes. A lot of guys are going to be having fun with this…!” Nick concluded.

See the app on the Apple App Store here: