British Pike Championships Code Of Conduct

Press release from the Pike Anglers Club

Conservation watchdog the Anglers Co-operative Association (ACA) has adopted a code of conduct drawn up by the PAC for its annual British Pike Championships.

The agreement, which comes after talks between officials from both organisations, could be a watershed in the way pike matches are conducted and more importantly, their impact on pike stocks.

For the first time, the code sets out the correct tackle and unhooking tools, together with safeguards concerning the retention of fish for weighing and the stewarding of events.

PAC secretary Mark Barrett said: "I am sure that there will be more than a few anglers that will be critical of the PAC for involving itself with pike matches.

"But in the long term we feel at the club that by operating the biggest pike match to these guidelines will undoubtedly influence ALL pike matches to the benefit of the Pike, something that all Pike anglers should be in agreement with."

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