British River Navigations By Stuart Fisher

British River Navigations By Stuart Fisher

Britain’s rivers deserve to be better known. Steeped in history, teeming with wildlife, these varied and vibrant waterways are the country’s vital arteries, connecting inland Britain to the sea.

This comprehensive and fascinating guide to Britain’s river navigations explores routes known and unknown, from world-famous rivers like the Thames and the Severn to hidden backwaters like the Wharf, the Wissey and the Lark. Along the way this absorbing survey discovers the world’s largest castle, hills that are actually below sea level, mansions and palaces, rural idylls and hubs of modern industry.

For everyone who appreciates Britain’s waterways – boaters, walkers, cyclists, holidaymakers and historians – this is an attractive, inspiring but also practical guide, featuring history and folklore, engineering and architecture, riverbank art and waterside pubs. It is the perfect partner to the author’s popular Rivers of Britain: Estuaries, tideways, havens, lochs, firths and kyles. As with this book, beautiful photography captures the stunning scenery, and helpful maps help link everything together.

As the editor of Canoeist magazine, Stuart Fisher has written monthly guides to the canals and waterways of Britain for many years, always researched from the water, and sometimes using a kayak to reach abandoned or isolated navigations. With the author’s previous books – Rivers of Britain and the bestselling Canals of Britain – this book completes his trilogy celebrating and exploring Britain’s waterways.

British River Navigations
Inland Cuts, Fens, Dikes, Channels and Non-tidal Rivers
By Stuart Fisher
Published by Adlard Coles Nautical
October 2013
Paperback - £25.00

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