Catch Report From Broadlands Lakes, Hampshire

Report by Debbie & Peter Beale

Main Lake
peg-8  25 carp to 22.04lb dean henson i.o.w fish mix boilies over pellet
peg-7   17 carp to 17.05lb mick nenson i.o.w fish mix boilies over pellet
peg-56   6 carp to 26.03lb keith fry southampton meat boilies and hemp
peg-107  5 carp to 25.00lb ted gorden london oyster boilies
peg-39  9 carp to 19.09lb kevin rudd hampton boilies over pellet
peg-25   7 carp to 27.00lb joss yaeding portsmouth boilies over pellet
peg-1    12 carp to 16.08lb luke dyer chandlers ford red fish boilies and hemp
peg-56   4 carp to 17.07lb peter murry pellet and corn
peg-17   6 carp to 19.01lb dave webster portsmouth source boilies
peg-86   3 carp to 22.00lb george shilling basingstoke oyster boilies over pellet
peg-76   4 carp to 18.10lb shay frazer southampton fresh fish boilies and hemp

Lower Lake

peg-28 140.00lb mixed bag carp to 15.00lb andy royce brighton pellet and corn
peg-8   21 carp to 11.00lb sam neadham portsmouth pellet and lunchon meat
peg-21  125.00lb carp and bream roach to 2.02lb corn pellet maggot
peg-14   120.00lb mixed bag joe baker newport pellet

Match Lake
peg-4   110.00lb carp and bream james jacobs southampton pellet and corn
peg-18  80.00lb  carp to 13.02lb des bales southampton pellet and corn
peg-30  125.00lb mixed bag carp bream and roach dave roacasle gosport
peg-25  100.00 bream carp and roach liam west dorset pellet corn and meat

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