15th Annual CAG Carp Classic in Washington DC

The prestigious titles of North American Champion CAG Carp King are up for grabs at the 15th Annual CAG Carp Classic in Washington DC later this month.  The member-based Carp Anglers Group has selected the banks of the Tidal Basin at Hains Point as the site where approximately 100 carp-fishing aficionados from around North America will vie for the honors on the weekend of September 26-28, 2008.

Hains Point at the confluence of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers is a popular fishing hole among carp fisherman and a well-known spot for giving up large common carp (cyprinus carpio).

CAG’ers will have the opportunity to show-off their fishing prowess during the nine-hour fishing competition which is just one of the many events planned for the weekend.  The group’s annual meeting and awards ceremonies will cap off the day on Saturday, but organizers are touting the event as a weekend affair by “book ending” the competition with social activities and recreational fishing on Friday and Sunday.

“With origins in the mid-west United States, CAG’s traditional fall gathering has gained momentum and popularity among its members,” says Louis A. Cook, Carp Anglers Group president.  “Even though the core membership is American anglers, CAG has become a patchwork of U.S. based nationals from Romania, Poland, England and other countries where the sport is astoundingly popular, and the Carp Classic serves as a yearly reunion of sorts.”

Spectators are encouraged to venture to East Potomac Park from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday to learn more about the sport and meet the competitors.  Most will be delighted to discover the mammoth-size carp the local waters give up combined with specialized skill these anglers demonstrate with their unique carp tackle, bait and equipment.

Prizes and awards are provided by sponsors Big Bob Baits, Fox International, Wacker Baits, Big Carp Tackle, Highcliffe Clothiers, 4-Thirds, Carpe Carpio, World Classic Baits, L&M Carp Treats, Specialist Tackle, Riverview Motel, Team Bogash and Top Mix, Rig Innovations and Westside Tackle of Indianapolis.

For more information about the 15th Annual CAG Carp Classic, other fishing events or how to join CAG, go to the web site www.carpanglersgroup.com