FREE Holiday If You Don't Catch a 100lb Catfish!


Welcome to the newsletter from Carp Dream Fishing Spain

2008 offers you a new venue for the River Ebro. Our new location not only guarantees you catfish over 100lbs, but we will include a free holiday for anybody breaking our Caspe catfish record of 187lbs. We will give you a free holiday for the biggest fish of the year and we now include your first 25 kilos of pellets free of charge to all clients who book with us. Our new location is ideal for all ages and has superb catch rates carp to 50+ and catfish on average are bigger here than anywhere else in Europe. Not only do we guarantee you a free return if you do not catch a catfish over 100lbs, but we will also pay for your return flights. Nobody can beat that.

Most of you who know Carp Dream Fishing would or may have fished on the Delta. This area has now declined and for those reasons due to the river and its conditions on some days being almost unfishable, we have moved to Caspe. Here you will find upon your return an awesome sight of the top lake, with vast areas where we have done our homework and found some, if not the, best places to fish. We think you will agree with us when you feast your eyes on the fantastic top lake. The style of fishing is all or mostly pellet fishing with some boilie sessions thrown in We know how much you yearn to land big fish and we are here with a guarantee to do just that for you.

If you have any questions about our new location please do not hesitate to contact me. We can chat online direct with our weblink and cam to  or voice chat or simply send you a mail reply. Remember, these holidays are a one to one personal guided holiday.

  1. we do not book large groups to simply rake in the money.
  2. we do not overbook and make you wait around.
  3. we do not cramp you into a small apartment. We have first class accommodation located in the centre of caspe. easy walk for al your amenities.
  4. we will never leave you stranded on the bank with no guide. 
  5. if mother nature ever turns up with A big surprise like floods or bad weather we will always be able to fish. and still hold a guaranteed catfish over 100lbs.
  6. if you have ever been anywhere before to fish you know what is essential the tackle will withstand anything that the river has to offer even if a monster over 200lbs or bigger shows up for teas. We will land it. We use top quality tackle and we supply you with everything you need.

For all your Ebro needs look no further than the Caspe Dream Team. Guaranteed to catch big fish no matter what. Free bait a chance of a free holiday and lots more to offer.

House phone 0034--977487017
Mobile fish and roam phone 0034-637863547