Celtic Lakes Resort, Frisby

Report by Chay Jackson, Fishery Manager

Sailing Lake
The fish are really getting on it at the moment with anglers reporting some excellent catches this week. Predator anglers are still catching plenty with the week’s best catch falling to venue regulars Darren Southern and Craig Barnes of Sheffield. The lads fished the shallow bay at the rear of the Sailing Club to take 18 Pike to 18lb on legered deadbaits. The impressive list of specimens was as follows: 18lb, 17lb 4Oz, 17lb, 16lb 12oz, 16lb, 13lb 4oz, 13lb, 12lb 9oz, 12lb, 11lb 6oz and 8 others not weighed ranging from upper singles to low doubles.

PikeKeith Anderson of Leicester also got amongst a few fish with 5 Pike to 22lb this time on floatfished roach deadbaits, Keith, who was fishing peg 52, also landed a bonus Zander of 9lb 5oz. Talking of Zander the warmer weather has really got them on the feed with most anglers reporting at least one fish. The week’s biggest fell to venue regular Carl Pickett of Nottingham who landed 5 Zeds to 12lb 11oz on legered dead skimmers, Carl fished the spits into dark to take his catch. Lee Thomas of Leicester fished peg 52 to land 4 Zander to 11lb 7oz and Chris Fellows of Nottingham managed 4 fish to 11lb and a bonus Pike of 16lb 8oz. On the Carp fishing front the resident big Carp are starting to show with the weeks biggest fish being a beautifully conditioned 24lbn Common which fell to Simon Taylor of Loughborough, Simon fished the sailing point to take his first fish from the venue, Simon fished at range using Solar Quench boilie fished over 3 kilos of pellet and the same quench boilies. Gary Shelton of Grantham also landed his first Carp from the venue in the shape of a 19lb Mirror; Gary fished a Solar Chinese takeaway boilie fished over a bed of the same from peg 54. The venue’s resident Bream are finally starting to get on the feed with anglers fishing the method and boilie reporting bags of Bream around the 3-5lb mark, bonus Tench are also starting to show on a more regular basis.

The Boys Pit
The lake is in excellent shape right now with some cracking silver fish catches being reported on a regular basis. Barry Phipps of Leicester fished the pole to take 15lb of Roach, Rudd and skimmers from one of the narrow channels and Colin Cowell of Melton again fished the pole to take 14lb of Roach, Rudd and 4 bonus Tench. Talking of Tench, the recent warmer weather is starting to get them moving with a few anglers starting to catch fish to 5lb, Mick Harris of Coventry caught 5 Tench to 4lb and some cracking silvers whilst waggler fishing between the two islands.

The River Wreake
The final week of the fishing season saw an influx of anglers wanting some last minute running water action and they weren’t disappointed with plenty of Chub to 4lb and some good quality Perch to 2lb also being taken. Fishery manager Chay Jackson fished into darkness to land 4 Chub to 4lb and a bonus Perch of just under 2lb on link legered lobworms fished close to a marginal reedbed just below the sluice. Gary Butterick of Leicester also got amongst a few Chub with 6 fish to 4lb 12oz on legered boilies.

Half Term Angling Coaching Course: 9th April - 13th April 2012
The Celtic Lakes Angling Academy will be holding the first of our half term angling coaching courses this half term, the course is 5 days long (9th April – 12th April) and will start at 10:00 and finish at 1500. The course covers many subjects including basic angling skills, fish biology, food chain and many other fascinating subjects. We also have lots of fun team challenges, a match and mini competitions that you can win extra tackle prizes at! All participants will receive a certificate and goody bag on completion of the course. The course is run by Angling Development board Level 2 coaches (ADB) and PAA (Professional anglers association) coaches. The course is £75 per child (10-15 years old) and includes all tackle and bait.