Costa Del Mar 'Skimmer'

Cost Del Mar sunglasses need no introduction. The sheer volume of professional anglers and angling guides, worldwide, who wear them, bear testament to their quality and success. But Costa doesn’t just produce sunglasses for pros. Costa Del Mar sunglasses were developed for anglers, who spend a lot of time on the water and require a pair of sunglasses that are not only comfortable, but also offer unsurpassed polarized vision and eye protection. Costa Del Mar sunglasses technology steps up to the plate in conditions that kill other sunglasses manufacturers dead on the spot!

The biggest problem when choosing a pair of sunglasses is what colour lenses do you choose? Many anglers, especially in the UK, quickly find they require several different colour lenses for different and rapidly changing light conditions. It goes without saying that if you buy top of the range glasses, owning several pairs with different coloured lenses works out very expensive. Fear not – Costa Del Mar has now introduced the Skimmer!

Costa’s new Skimmer frame gives anglers two pairs of shades in one. The Skimmer’s lenses are fully interchangeable, affording anglers the ability to change to the best lens – grey, vermillion or amber – for the current conditions. Each lens set features Costa’s supreme quality polarization for outstanding contrast and clarity when spotting fish in both high glare and low light conditions, and they offer 100% UV protection. The Skimmer’s frames are made of a near indestructible lightweight polycarbonate plastic, which gives them a “forget they’re on” fit and they feature a special rubberized lining, so they grip the face snugly and don’t fall off when fishing.

Frame colours available – Tortoise and Black. Interchangeable lens kits available – Vermillion & Grey or Amber & Grey.

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Costa Del Mar Skimmer - Black Amber
Costa Del Mar Skimmer – Black Amber


Costa Del Mar Skimmer - Black Gray
Costa Del Mar Skimmer – Black Gray


Costa Del Mar Skimmer - Black Vermillion
Costa Del Mar Skimmer – Black Vermillion