Charles Jardine to demo at Cumbria Festival of Fishing

Hardy & Greys are pleased to announce that they are supporting the Cumbria Festival of Fishing (CFF) which will take place on 16th – 23rd May 2009.
The Festival, which is organised by the Environment Agency, is supported by Cumbria Tourism and the Hardy & Greys Academy.
Hardy & Greys consultant and professional angler, Charles Jardine, along with APGAI qualified angler for Trout, Jeremy Lucas and Trout and Salmon, Clive Mitchelhill from the Hardy & Greys Game Academy will be attending the event.

Hardy & Greys Ltd, Commercial Director, Ken Brewster said:
“We like to think of our involvement in this event as one ‘Best of British’ supporting another ‘Best of British’.

Our brand has a strong identification with Britain, and we see it as entirely appropriate to support an initiative which encourages people to go out and explore fishing in the UK that they might not have visited before, particularly in the current economic climate.”

The week-long Festival will show visitors a glimpse of the enormous fishing potential offered by the county on the north-western edge of England. 

During the festival a program of activities will be hosted across the county by well known national and international fly fishers and venues will include the Rivers Eden and Derwent, as well as lakes, such as Haweswater. 

Fishing activities and demonstrations will range from single-handed and double-handed fly casting, still water Trout techniques, river Trout and Grayling techniques, Salmon techniques and both fly and lure fishing for pike. 

All the guides and instructors taking part in the Festival are well known in the world of fly-fishing.

Visit for more information on the event.