Ebro Valley Angling – April Update

Whether you are 73 or 13 years old, catching your personal best carp is a magical moment. The exhileration of seeing that gleaming bar of gold on the unhooking mat is one of the factors which makes angling such a captivating and rewarding experience; Just like Dennis. He came to the Ebro with a personal best of just 7 lbs and ended up breaking that with every carp he caught in his 20 fish haul culminating in this immaculate 31 pounder. To say it brought tears to his eyes is not exagerating.

All the guides at Ebro Valley Angling were delighted at the pleasure that they were able to give to this gentleman in helping him achieve his ambition. And then there is Libby, below. The smile says it all. The pride in her smile sums up just what fishing is all about.

But these are not the exceptions. This is the norm for anglers who place their faith in Ebro Valley Angling to produce the goods for them. Our guides can read the conditions on the river and increase your chances of catching fish when all others are struggling for a bite.

Over the last few weeks the river levels and water temperatures have been up and down like a yo-yo and fishing has been very difficult on the main river. However the guides have found areas out of the main flow of snow water off the pyrennes where the temperature is higher and the results have been phenomenal with over 250 carp caught in the last 15 days and a high percentage of those have been over 20 lbs. With more than 10 fish over 30lbs as part of the catch, the biggest being 37 and a half pounds just about all our clients have broken their personal bests and have already started to plan their next trip. So If you fancy sharing in the action contact us and we can organise things.
Changes at Ebro Valley Angling
I now have three new guides on self employed contracts and have an excellent Guest House manager and have made extensive improvements to the accommodation. We now have ensuite facilities, have extended the living areas and offer additional services such as taxis, laundry facilities and internet access.

With the improvements in the standards and reliability of the catering personel we are now able to offer a menu choice of three course meals every evening.

It is important to recognise that the Spanish authorities are clamping down on illegal businesses in the area and these can be forced to cease trading if they do not have the appropriate registrations, insurances and employment status. With Ebro Valley Angling you can be reassured that, as a registered limited company everything has been done to protect you as the customer.
The Cat Fishing
Well, the catfishing season has started with a bang with fish to 123lbs caught so far. Ebro Valley Angling now offers a range of approaches for fishing for these wonderful creatures including boat, bouy, and pellet methods. Ourt new guides are expert in all aspects of these methods and give you a great chance of landing a real beast. With our own live bait tanks on the premises we can guarantee a continuous supply of quality bait. We have invested in new fish finding equipment and tackle and have everything you need for the big fish experience.
Ebro Valley Angling now offers guided zander fishing as part of its portfolio provides guided lure and deadbait fishing for these voracious predators.

Ebro Valley Angling aspires to set the standards for others to try and emulate. Try us and see for yourself. Ebro Valley Anglers are happy anglers getting value for money.