EFTTEX 2010 sees 7204 sqm of exhibition stand space sold so far

With the current exhibition stand floorspace of 7204 sqm sold so far for EFTTEX 2010 taking place in Valencia this year, the show organizers are pleased to report that the current floorspace sold has increased in 2010 compared with 6903 sqm floorspace sold on the same date in 2009 for Budapest, Hungary. This shows a 4% increase in floorspace sold in 2010 compared to 2009.

With three months still to go, 211 exhibitors have booked exhibition space so far from 36 different countries, compared with 203 exhibitor bookings taken this time in 2009. The 2010 show has also already attracted 29 first time exhibitors.

Says EFTTEX Exhibition Manager, Neena Tailor “Stand sales are going really well, bookings have been coming in every day”.

“Companies are once again investing in their marketing and thinking very seriously about increasing their presence within the industry. And as the number one trade show in Europe, EFTTEX is the natural choice for any company looking to expand into new territories.”

She added: “This will be the first time EFTTEX has been held in Spain and it’s proving a popular choice. The show will open up many exciting and interesting opportunities thanks to Spain’s strong links, not only within Europe but worldwide.”

The increase in stand bookings has been helped by the number of exhibitors that pre-booked during EFTTEX 2009 in Budapest. It is a benefit EFTTA offers to exhibitors at the show every year, and is proving increasingly attractive to businesses. This year 144 companies booked their stand in Budapest for EFTTEX 2010 in Valencia. At EFTTEX 2008, 112 companies booked for the 2009 show.

Adds Neena Tailor: “The reason for this increase is that exhibitors attending EFTTEX are seeing how much the show benefits their business. It becomes clear within the hall, especially to first-time exhibitors, that this is a must-attend event”.

More recently, members of the EFTTEX management team have promoted the show at various trade shows in the UK, France, Italy, Japan and China and this has shown that these promotional efforts are clearly having an effect in increasing stand sales and generating interest.

And with the amount of exhibition stand space sold so far, the overall success of the show will depend on attracting the right number of the right visitors and the next stage of the marketing campaign with promotional invitation passes in 9 European languages due to be sent and handed out to over 2,500 potential visitors. The online pre-registration opened in the last few weeks and the number of pre-registered visitors is continuing to rise. EFTTA is receiving a lot of interest from Spanish retailers and has been working on a targeted promotional campaign to further attract Spanish and Portuguese retailers due to the important location.

Demand is also high for the Business Reception tickets and exhibitors are being urged to book their tickets. An exclusive event held annually during EFTTEX for exhibitors and their guests, the Umbracle Terraza located in the City of Arts in Valencia will provide a tropical garden setting for the dinner and reception. The venue also turns into a nightclub at midnight and guests will be entitled to free entry into the club if they want to stay and enjoy the evening. EFTTA are also pleased to announce that they will be showing the World Cup football during the evening.