Emperor Lakes

This week has seen even more personal best captures around the lakes, so here is this week's latest news. On the former syndicate, now known as the Carp Lake, Kevin Pitfield landed a cracking common carp at 28lbs 2ozs, and Joseph Baldwin had the weeks biggest fish at 41lbs 5ozs! A superbly conditioned fish and a new Emperor Lakes 40lb'er which fell to a new Splash Baits pop up offering under test.....keep an eye out for Splash Baits Assassin!

Mark Owen continued his run of superb form with a trio of big fish at 29lbs 8ozs, 30lbs 14ozs and 34lbs 3ozs all taken on Northern Specials white pop ups.

Over on the Specimen Lake, the catfish and eels have really started to feed well with a number of both falling to anglers. Andy Walsh's catfish at 36lbs 3ozs is a new best which fell to 30mm halibut pellets, Stuart Johnson also used halibut pellet to net a cat of 37lbs 6ozs and a smaller fish on Pallatrax Jungle baits and both Dave Wood and Mark Owen bagged double figure cats; Dave caught using Pallatrax Jungle, Mark on his favourite Northern Special pop ups.

Gary Gray had three commons to 14lbs on Mainline Cell, and Malcolm Cuits used the same bait to catch fish to 17lbs.

Our own Emperor Lakes branded baits are also doing very well; Russ Bates, Lee Ski, Karl Chapple and Ian Barlett all used them to good effect landing plenty of carp 19lbs 12ozs. Worm accounted for a new personal best tench at 6lbs 12ozs for Lee Sercombe, pepperami trapped a common carp for Richard Vanstone and the humble maggot picked up eels to 3lbs for Guy Bennett.

Carp fishingAnother bait which has been catching well since its introduction at Emperor Lakes is the Steve Renyard Contrast range. Andy Nicholls' 27lbs 8ozs mirror took a liking to it, as did a carp of 16lbs 4ozs and a catfish of 20lbs! The Steve Renyard baits have seen an astonishing amount of fish falling for the baits, so they are definitely one to consider when you book your place.

Aimee's Pool is fishing exceptionally well, with mixed bags to over 60lbs a regular feature. Dan Newman put at least that much in his keepnet, Martin Lamburn had 40lbs and broke his tench best three times in quick succession with fish of 5lbs, 5lbs 8ozs and 6lbs and Steve Sampson also got amongst the tincas with fish to 5lbs 10ozs. Corn, worm, pellet and maggots are catching well and Aimee's is an ideal place to bring the kids for their first fishing session; expect plenty of action!

New 'runs water' Jo-Jo's Lake opens on June 1st and initial test sessions have revealed that the fish are well settled and feeding hard, with plenty into double figures coming out. This water has been stocked with fish to 26lbs and is sure to be popular, so if you want to book, call us on 07814060147 or check out our website www.emperorlakes.co.uk for more details.

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Mirror Carp
Mark Owen - 34lbs 3ozs