Emperor Lakes

Another 40lbs+ fish on the bank this week! Rob Pierce had a session to remember when he used homemade baits to catch a trio of fish which will be remembered for a very long time! Rob had fish of 32lbs 12ozs, 34lbs 10ozs and a new lump at 40lbs 12ozs. All of Rob's fish came from the former syndicate which is still available for bookings on a day ticket; just call Paul on 07814060147 to book. Tench have also been moving, Darren Shovell had fish to 6lbs 8ozs on 10mm pop ups, but corn and worms will also be welcomed.

On the Specimen Lake, the catfish are stealing the show with anglers reporting multiple hits of big fish, mainly falling to halibut pellets or zig rigs. Darren White's 17lb fell to a mid water bait, Tony Pearce bettered his personal best three times in one session with cats of 16lbs 4ozs, 18lbs 2ozs and a 38lbs 11ozs fish and also added a brace of mirrors to 17lbs 8ozs which picked up our own Emperor branded baits supplied by Cornwall Baits; a ghost common of 28lbs 11ozs completed his haul in some style. Jamie Parr bagged a 39lbs 12ozs cat on Steve Renyard M-25 10mm pop ups which also accounted for a mid double common, but biggest of the week fell to Martin Lamburn with a sleek moggie of 57lbs 12ozs which tripped up over one of our Emperor baits! 

Steve Renyard baits proved successful for other anglers this week; Paul Mallett had a 24lbs 15ozs mirror, Paul Evans used the same offerings to pick up a 25lbs 11ozs common. These baits have had an awful lot of positive results recently, Steve himself has taken fish to over 35lbs on them, so they are certainly worth bringing with you.

Aaron Lidstone had a trio to 20lbs on Pallatrax Jungle, John Deprielle netted a sample at 26lbs 12ozs, and  finally, Louie Russell used Richworth boilies over pellet to catch a cat at 16lbs and a common at 18lbs...

Over on Aimee's Pool, the tench fishing is currently superb with anglers seeing big fish regularly hitting the net. Warren Lewis added a personal best 6lbs 8ozs tench to his 30lbs+ mixed net, Josh Lewis had tincas to 5lbs and Peter Elbourn also had a tench to savour when he weighed a 6lbs 2ozs specimen.

New 'runs water' Jo-Jo's opens on June 1st so a six hour test session by Dan Newman put twenty two fish to 15lbs on the bank! Jo-Jo's has been designed to offer excellent value for money at just £8 per day of £15 for 24 hours and has been stocked with carp to 26lbs. Dan used 'the method' with either corn or Pallatrax Sqaub baits on the hook; no need for complicated tactics, just sit back and wait for your alarm to squeal!

Elsewhere, the new shop is nearing completion so onsite tackle and bait sales will be enhanced and Emperor Lakes will soon be serving hot meals too! Don't forget to check out the social media sites on Facebook and Twitter for the very latest info, or ring Paul to book. More details at www.emperorlakes.co.uk

Big Mirror Carp - Emperor Lakes, Devon
Rob Pierce - 40lb 12oz

Big Catfish - Emperor Lakes, Devon
Jamie Parr - 39lb 9oz catfish from bottom lake