Emperor Lakes

A day out fishing traditional methods using an Avon rod, centrepin reel, 4lbs line and a size 16 baited with double maggots seemed to be a perfect way to while away a few hours by the bank for Michael Bathomoley.

A nice bag of plump roach followed from Aimee's Pool, but then a quick flick of the rod tip bought unexpected resistance in the shape of a super 26lbs+ carp which picked up the bait! Michael did well to tame the big fish on very light tackle and the well known 'big mirror' lay safely in his net!

A fine result and some very good angling by a lovely chap!

Carp fishing
Michael Barthomoley with his well handled 26lbs+

Our Syndicate Lake is now DAY TICKET!!!! If you want to fish for carp to over 44lbs and catfish in excess of 70lbs, then Emperor Lakes is the place to do it! Our booking line has been busy since before the changeover on April 1st, so if you want to know more, please call 07814060147.

Carp fishingSteve Renyard's Contrast range of baits continue to pull in the fish; Mark Owens is again doing well with a 32lbs 11ozs mirror which tripped up over his 'Withy Pool' rig offered in Gingers Corner swim off the back of a cold wind. On other lakes, new visitor Steve Coles travelled from Taunton to take an 18lb common on Mainline Banofee pop ups, again, during bitterly cold conditions.

Plenty of other anglers are reporting double figure fish, but whilst the cold easterly wind cuts across the water, then sport may be slower than usual. Having said that, this week saw the first catfish of 2013 on the bank when it was landed at 22lbs; not huge, but there are much bigger lurking!

New lake Jo-Jo's continues to fill and settle, all overflow and other structural work has been completed, soft landscaping continues and more fish will be stocked over the coming days. Jo-Jo's is destined to become a 'runs water' ideal for to put a bend in the rods in even the coldest weather.

We expect this lake to prove incredibly popular with anglers who will have a choice of waiting a little longer for a real 'lump', of catching more fish of slightly smaller stamp; we try to cater for all!

Contrary to our Facebook post on April 1st, the European Union has no plans to ban night fishing for all anglers under 18 years of age, but it was pleasing to see that our 'fluoro pop up' worked; it certainly caught some of our social media out!

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