Emperor Lakes Weekly Report

A decision has been taken this week to offer limited day tickets priced at £15 (0700-1900) for our BRAND NEW pike water which we will open to anglers on 15th December, 2012. Initial investigations have proved that the stock in the lake is definitely worth fishing for as Danny Johnson from Pike & Predator magazine found out when he visited for a forthcoming feature. Danny spent time with owner David Lidstone discussing several aspects of pike angling and the new proposals before enjoying a session which resulted in them sharing fifteen pike including three well over 20lbs when they alternated between deadbaiting and lure tactics. Danny also reported losing much bigger fish and is confident that pike over 30lbs are present! You can read Danny’s report in Pike & Predator magazine soon! Bailliff Jamie Parr has taken time out from checking tickets and giving advice to prove he can fish too! Floatfished sprat proved irresistible to a 20lb+ pike, one of three taken during his session!

Danny Johnson with a 20+ pike

Pike Angler

David Lidstone also took time out for a short three hour sitting which resulted in another huge hit of pike when he bagged fifteen more pike when he roved the water with a lure rod and the odd deadbait; the lake is really fishing well and bookings are available by calling 07814060147. Don’t worry if you have never caught pike before, you can also take advantage of our pike tutorials by calling the same number.

Fishery WorksWork starts this Monday (2nd December) on the first stages of expansion at Emperor Lakes. The diggers are rolling as we write to treble the size of Aimee’s Pool which will offer more pegs for visiting anglers to choose from. There are also plans to provide completely new lakes, one of which will be stocked as a dedicated pike water which will also allow fly anglers plenty of room to try predator fishing, and we also intend to increase the size of the current syndicate water, home to fish in excess of 40lbs, to enable us to enhance the stock without affecting growth rates; promising times ahead...

On the day ticket lakes, the story of the week has come from 16 year old Peter Marriott who bagged a stunning fish of 37lbs 3ozs in the early hours of the morning. Peter used a KD rig tied with Korda Super Natural braid and a size 10 hook to present a cut down Pallatrax Jungle boilies tipped with maggots from peg 5. Peter offered his bait just a few rod lengths out onto a small gravel patch he had found two weeks earlier and had been baiting when it was quiet. The fish isn’t the same fish which has previously reached 40lbs, so we have another carp which we know will break the 40lbs barrier next year!

Big Carp

Alex Timber was the latest winner of our Facebook competition and wins a free 24 hour pass to Emperor Lakes for his ‘picture of the month’ which showed him with a cracking 5lbs+ tench from one of the coarse lakes. We have at least two competitions each month, and you could win a 48 midweek pass for TWO just by ‘liking’ our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Emperor-Lakes-Fishery. Our Twitter feed continues to see new followers too, and you can often get the latest news from the bank, sometimes even before we do! You can find all the links you need at www.emperorlakes.co.uk

We have a treat for you in a couple of weeks, no clues, but watch this space!