Fishing in February on Discovery Real Time

Fishing in February 2006 on Discovery Real Time

Not only will The Compleat Angler series, with Geoffrey Palmer and Rae Borras, continue its first run in February, but we have two other brand new series premieres to share with you, as follows:

UK Premiere
Friday 24th February, 10.00pm

Victorian ex-pats in the service of the British Empire told of supercharged monster fish in the Himalayas – tackle-busting giants that put even the largest salmon to shame. Equipped with 21st Century tackle and no small amount of scepticism, angling adventurer Jeremy Wade sets out to find out if any of these stories hold true today and sets himself the epic challenge of catching some of the largest, most bizarre and most dangerous fish he can find. Jeremy’s quest sees him search for the mighty golden Himalayan mahseer, the carp-like rohu, the serpentine ‘latchi’ catfish and the vermin of the water – the hideous goonch catfish. Along the way Jeremy meets a range of local characters from local angling expert Vinay Badola to an Indian prince and his entourage, but whether he can catch any of the elusive monsters on his hit list remains to be seen…

Trout & About
UK Premiere
Friday 3rd February, 8.30pm

In this brand new series, artist Gregory Rankine and musician Paul Campion take to the road in their faithful MG Roadster in search of the best fishing in Scotland. Paul and Greg have a real passion for angling – not entirely matched by their expertise – which they hope to improve upon across six episodes. Under the watchful eye of some of the country’s top anglers, they travel to some of Scotland’s most picturesque rivers, lochs, seas and canals - from the River Kelvin and Glasgow’s high rise landscape to some of the most exclusive and stunning river beats on Royal Deeside.

Along the way they learn the delights of fly-tying and competitive angling, and discover legendary monsters of the deep such as the ferox trout.