Fishing report from Florida’s Captain Neal!

I believe that spring has now arrived in Oak Hill, Fl. If you fish much with live bait you know what I mean. When you throw a live shrimp out the little fish are going to tap on your shrimp, first starting on the legs and then just nibbling it to pieces. If you can, you need to fish with artificial bait. Berkley gulp is a real good bait to use. The trout love it, the reds are crazy about it and the little fish can't nibble it to pieces!

Fishing still has been fair to good; depending on the weather and the time of day. There are some small pompano starting to show up around the Titusville area. You can catch them on sand flies or you can use jigs. The bigger trout are starting to show up better. And just as soon as the croakers are big enough to use for bait. The big trout bite will be on. There are a lot of big and small redfish around the power plants in Port St. John. When I say big ones I mean 30 to 40 pound fish. If you are fishing around the power plants you will stay busy catching lady fish. The reds and lady fish are not alone. There are some good tapon moving around the area as well.

So go and make some great memories. Go Fishing!

Captain Neal