Fox International Facebook Prize Winners

There's a saying that's often bandied about by people who win prizes: “You have to be in it to win it”. Well, in the competition that we ran on Facebook between 12th and 16th December, 2011, that was certainly true. In fact, ALL you had to do to stand a chance of winning was to be a 'fan' of both the Anglers' Net page and the Fox International page on Facebook – we did all the rest of the work, choosing a joint member each day and awarding them a prize.

So, without further ado, here are the names of the winners:

Monday's prize was this Fox Ven-Tec Sleeping Bag Cover. Designed to stay put and to not cause problems when you fly out of your bivvy to hit that 2am run, this is a superb piece of session kit with a retail value of £50.99. The winner of this great item is Andy Campbell.

Fox Ven-Tec Sleeping Bag Cover


On Tuesday, the Large Fox Royale Carryall shown below was up for grabs. With it's 80-litre capacity, this durable bag should swallow up more than enough tackle for most anglers! It is made from quality materials, including 10mm heavy duty zips, and comes with scuff feet and a nice padded shoulder strap. Priced at £44.99, one of our Facebook fans will be getting this one free...and that person is Stephen Maurice Ryde.

Large Fox Royale Carryall


Everyone needs somewhere to park their derrière sometimes and Fox provided us with the perfect prize on Wednesday, in the shape of this Royale Low Chair. We often get asked about fishing chairs and, at £39.99, this is one we might start taking a look at. However, one lucky angler won it just for  'liking' our Facebook page. Their name? John Deans.

Fox Royale Low Chair


Our prize for Thursday was this excellent STR Safety Weigh Sling. With a recommended retail price of £44.99, any specimen fish would be proud to weighed in such comfort, we reckon! One lucky fan will be using it next time they bank a PB. That lucky person is...Karen Bryan.

Fox STR Safety Weigh Sling


Our Foxy Friday Giveaway was a 'reel' gem. Yep, these three FX Reel Protector Pouches will look great, snugly wrapped around any angler's prized reels. Let's face it, specimen reels don't come cheap, so it's worth looking after them. Three of these pouches would usually cost you £50.97, but one person won these free of charge. Congratulations, Wayne Peters!

Fox FX Reel Protector Pouches


If your name isn't mentioned above, CLICK HERE to visit the Fox International page on Facebook, as they also had a prize a day to give away. On behalf of Anglers' Net, I'd like to thank Fox for their generosity. They really are a top-notch company and have embraced the internet, where others have shied away from it. We salute them for that!

We've mentioned plenty of times before that it's well worth joining Anglers' Net on Facebook. We have free competitions like this fairly often these days and many happy winners have appeared on our page. Join in the fun by hitting 'Like' at – next time, it could be YOU!

Tight lines,