Korda Thinking Tackle Digital


Korda Thinking Tackle Digital

There have been a few new digital fishing magazines appearing lately and this one from Korda Developments certainly does look the part! It's swish, content-rich and fast to download. It really is the future, in our opinion.

As we type this, Issue One has just been published and you can view it at

There is quite a mixture of articles contained in this launch issue and although there is, obviously, going to be a bit of product placement in such a magazine, it doesn't detract from the overall experience at all. In fact, if you want to get the best out of Korda products, it's essential reading! When it comes to rig-tying and basic carp fishing principles, the ideas shown in Thinking Tackle Digital will apply to just about any brand of fishing tackle and bait.

And it's not only Korda who are featured in this magazine, anyway; we spotted articles on Mainline Baits, Daiwa, Trakker, Delkim and more.

Reviews, 'How To's, Features and more; it's a pretty polished magazine that, if it was on a shelf in WH Smith, most people would be happy to pay for.

You don't get much free of charge these days, so grab it when you do. Give the Thinking Tackle website a click today - http://www.thinkingtackle.com/