Sponsors Sought for FSNBF Charity Match

Lesley Wardle has contacted us to see if any Anglers Net visitors may be in a position to help provide prizes or sponsorship for a Fire Services National Benevolent Fund fishing match.
Lesley explained, “The word 'Fire-fighter' often conjures up an image of a hunky male (despite the fact that are many female) poised to rescue vulnerable members of the community from untold perils.  In many respects this is true - that's exactly what they do; but for me the word Fire-fighter has a whole different meaning because I work with these people every day. My job is to raise money to support them should they themselves become injured, which despite stringent safety procedures does still happen. Often this is a result of rescuing people from a fire or extricating them from a road traffic accident. It is common knowledge that whilst everyone else is fleeing from a burning building, Fire-fighters are the only people trying to get inside! The charity that supports these brave individuals is called the Fire Services National Benevolent Fund.”

“The cost of the support that we provide for Fire-fighters each year is in excess of £7million, all of which is generated through either donations or fundraising events. Our Website http://www.fsnbf.org.uk
gives a comprehensive view of all the services we provide and we will shortly be adding a Corporate Thank You page to the site, which will list all of our corporate supporters.”

“I am writing to you to try and muster support through raffle prizes for our charity coarse fishing match which is being held in June at Bradshaw Fisheries in Bolton.  Any prizes would be greatly received and you can be assured that we would market any companies donating prizes in anyway we could leading up to and during the event. We are also looking for a sponsorship to cover the entire event.  The amount we would be looking for would be £750.00 for the whole match, this would cover the cost of pegging fees and prizes.  If you cannot support the match to this amount, then anything you can offer would be gratefully received.”

“It is my job to raise money to support Fire-fighters, but as I said at the start of my letter, I work with these people and I know just how special they are.  If you agree with me then maybe you will consider helping us to help them.”

Anybody who may be in a position to offer support can contact Lesley at: mailto:LWardle@fsnbf.org.uk