Carmelle 'Hooks' a PB Grayling

Fishing For Everyone Ladies Fishing Club member, Carmelle Hook has landed her first ever Grayling.

Fishing at the first event of 2010 held by the Club at the exclusive Tweedswood beat on the river Tweed on Sunday 31st January, Carmelle landed the 45cm Grayling using a pink nymph.

Carmelle said;
“The day was fantastic – perfect weather and perfect fishing conditions – it couldn’t have got any better until I landed my first ever Grayling!”

Lady With GraylingCarmelle was one of eleven ladies fishing on the day and all had a good time.

The Club would like to thank Ron Mccombe, Kevin Patterson and Scott Nellins for their assistance on the day and are looking forward to the year ahead.

The Club will hold their next event on Saturday 27th March at Whinney Loch, near Coldingham. Any ladies interested in attending this event please visit or email Club Founder and Chairman, Lucy Bowden –