H-Gun Dwarf

H-Gun Dwarf rods feature revolutionary retractable butt sections, enabling a significant reduction in the overall pack down length of your rods, opening up new horizons in compact tackle transportation and storage, as well as a fishing lifestyle! The Dwarfs can be stored in the most compact of car boots securely and out of sight, so you can pop to your lake on the way home from work ready to catch that opportunist carp, and still be home in time for tea.

Youngsters can jump on their bikes and cycle effortlessly through the town to the canal or hop on the train to the city carp pool.

Nash H-Gun DwarfIn addition Dwarf rods challenge traditional thinking of how long a rod should be – why do you need a cumbersome 12ft carp rod when a Dwarf will cast over 150yards, be more accurate at casting to that gap in the reeds on the far margin, whilst playing and landing carp is an effortless pleasure.

Products will start hitting the shelves around the end of January, 2013.

A quote from Kevin Nash:
“I think it’s fair to say that we shook the angling world to the core last autumn with the launch of Scope - a fresh thinking new way of looking at rods and transportation. We believe absolutely in Scope for the future and so it is important to us to extend this innovative development throughout our brand portfolio; including our entry level carp brand H-Gun. Thus the exciting launch of Dwarf this month. Whether you are urban carping, walking the banks of an inland sea, or off to foreign shores – Dwarf is cool”.

The range consists of :
Dwarf 9ft 2.75lb Rod – RRP £49.99
Dwarf 9ft 3lb Rod – RRP £49.99
Dwarf 10ft 2.75lb Rod – RRP £59.99
Dwarf 10ft 3lb Rod – RRP £59.99
Dwarf Landing Net – RRP £54.99
Dwarf 9ft Single Rod Skin – RRP £14.99
Dwarf 9ft Double Rod Skin – RRP £29.99
Dwarf 10ft Single Rod Skin – RRP £17.99
Dwarf 10ft Double Rod Skin – RRP £39.99

The innovative new products for the mobile angler perfectly compliment other products in the range such as the H-Gun Rucksack and NEW H-Gun Multi Mat.