How to Bag Up at Commons Lake…


Angling Lines


In this video Commons regular Keith Grinham explains tackle and tactics used during the latest in a series of big hits at this prolific venue.   Cats to 81lb, 4 x 40's and over 50 x 30's and 20's.

Here’s the video:

Commons is a very prolific venue & over the first 9 weeks of the season (and a total of just 31 anglers), there were 404 Carp and 14 Cats caught.

The 404 carp were:
27 x 40's to 49lb 4oz (Lake record - Ian Penny in April 2012)
149 x 30's
223 x 20's

And that's an astounding average size of 28lb 9oz over the 404 reported catches. 

The Cats, 14 of them, ranged in size from 51lb to 82lb, with an average of 67lb.

Fishing France at Commons